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Binding Machines

How you present yourself says a lot about you­—so naturally you want to showcase your work in the best possible way. A binding system gives your documents a finished, professional look.

Plastic Comb Binding Machines

Plastic Comb

Need a flexible, cost-effective way to bind any document up to 500 pages? Plastic comb binding is the answer.

Wire Binding Machines


A wire binding machine gives your documents a stylish, top-quality finish that is permanent and secure. Wire binding creates impressive documents for the home or office.

Thermal Binding Machines


Thermal binding is a quick, easy way to give any document a perfect “book finish.”

Binding Supplies


With a range of supplies and accessories, you can bind your documents like a pro.

See our Refurbished Binding Machines

Take A Look at Our Line of Certified Refurbished Binding Machines.

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Binding for Your Business.  The Basics for Workplace Binding

Binding for Your Business The Basics for Workplace Binding

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Choosing A Binding Machine

Choosing A Binding Machine Need Help Selecting a Binding Machine?

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