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Powershred® 73Ci

CRC: 46011
  • Angebot gültig vom 1.10.2014 bis 31.12.2014. Die vollständigen Teilnahmebedingungen finden Sie unter www.fellowes-promotion.com
  • 100% Anti-Stau System eliminiert Papierstaus und schafft selbst die härtesten Jobs
  • Schneidet 12 Blatt gleichzeitig in 4x38mm Partikel (DIN Sicherheitsstufe P-4)
  • Patentierte SafeSense® Technologie stoppt das Gerät automatisch bei Berührung des Papiereinzugs
  • Energiesparsystem reduziert den Energieverbrauch während des Betriebs und schaltet nach einigen Minuten Inaktivität in den Standby Modus
  • Läuft bis zu 10 Minuten ohne Unterbrechung
  • 23 Liter herausziehbarer Papierkorb für einfache Entleerung
  • Geeignet für 1-3 Nutzer



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Produktmaße (HxBxT) mm492.10 x 393.70 x 263.50
Schneidleistung (Blatt, 70g/m²)12
DIN SicherheitsstufeP-4
Betriebsdauer (Min.)10
Anti-Stau Technologie100% Staufrei
Erweitertes SicherheitsmerkmalSafeSense®
Geräusch TechnologieKeine
Vernichtet auchHeftklammern, Kreditkarten, Büroklammern, CDs/DVDs
Art des AbfallbehältersHerausnehmbarer Papierkorb
Garantie2 Jahre Gerät, 5 Jahre Schneidmesser
UPC Code043859642526
FarbeBLACK/DARK SILVER <no translation>
Arbeitsbreite 230
Schnittgeschwindigkeit (m/min)3




Schaltet bei Nicht-Gebrauch auf Stand-By und reduziert den Energiekonsum



Stoppt automatisch bei Berührung des Papiereinzugs


100% Staufrei

Verhindert Papierstaus und shreddert sogar schief eingelegtes Papier

Powershred® 73Ci Cross Cut Shredder 4.7 5 36 40
So far, so good. Quiet, smart, and smart-looking. Handles jobs easily. I got an excellent deal on this shredder (it was on clearance and a display model) while looking for something to replace my old store-brand 6-sheet shredder that finally shredded itself after 5 years. I saw the reviews on this model and considering the deal decided to get it. I got it home and was immediately impressed by it before I even turned it on. It feels...SOLID. I oiled it and turned it on, and this is the quietest shredder I have ever used. It's also good-looking, smart, and tough. It handled the work I threw at it with no problem, and I like the sensing technology that takes the guesswork out of what is too much and what is too little of a load. Finally, with a child in the house the touch sensing safety stop feature is a must. I didn't even know that this was available. If my boy even gets his hands AROUND the feed slot, the device will detect it and immediately shut off. This one's a keeper, and if it holds up (according to the reviews I read, it will) I will be purchasing only Fellowes shredders from now on. I'm very impressed. December 17, 2014
Past Customer I chose a Fellowes Shredder because the one I am replacing lasted 10 - 15 years. That was all I needed to know that I wanted a Fellowes Shredder. Past experience was great..So I was on a mission to find a sale and along with that I found features I did not know existed. Like the pullout bin, shuts off when your fingers touch the top and shreds up to 12 pages at a time. These were all extra bonuses.. November 30, 2014
FELLOWES SHREDDER 73ci - BMW OF SHREDDERS I just used the shredder and it blew me away. I was looking for a shredder that offered large capacity and quiet operation. In this product, I got both of those options and then some... I also got a product that looks extremely professional and the quality is outstanding. I used to hate documents. Now, I found a task I will forward to complete. Thank you for creating the best shredder ever. I will tell everyone, they need this product. I will never buy another brand. November 13, 2014
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