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Powershred® 73Ci

CRC: 46011
  • 100% Anti-Stau System eliminiert Papierstaus und schafft selbst die härtesten Jobs
  • Schneidet 12 Blatt gleichzeitig in 4x38mm Partikel (DIN Sicherheitsstufe P-4)
  • Patentierte SafeSense® Technologie stoppt das Gerät automatisch bei Berührung des Papiereinzugs
  • Energiesparsystem reduziert den Energieverbrauch während des Betriebs und schaltet nach einigen Minuten Inaktivität in den Standby Modus
  • Läuft bis zu 10 Minuten ohne Unterbrechung
  • 23 Liter herausziehbarer Papierkorb für einfache Entleerung
  • Geeignet für 1-3 Nutzer



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Produktmaße (HxBxT) mm492.10 x 393.70 x 263.50
Schneidleistung (Blatt, 70g/m²)12
DIN SicherheitsstufeP-4
Betriebsdauer (Min.)10
Anti-Stau Technologie100% Staufrei
Erweitertes SicherheitsmerkmalSafeSense®
Geräusch TechnologieKeine
Vernichtet auchHeftklammern, Kreditkarten, Büroklammern, CDs/DVDs
Art des AbfallbehältersHerausnehmbarer Papierkorb
Garantie2 Jahre Gerät, 5 Jahre Schneidmesser
UPC Code043859642526
FarbeBLACK/DARK SILVER <no translation>
Arbeitsbreite 230
Schnittgeschwindigkeit (m/min)3




Schaltet bei Nicht-Gebrauch auf Stand-By und reduziert den Energiekonsum



Stoppt automatisch bei Berührung des Papiereinzugs


100% Staufrei

Verhindert Papierstaus und shreddert sogar schief eingelegtes Papier

Powershred® 73Ci Cross Cut Shredder 4.7 5 38 43
Great Home Shredder We purchased this shredder after our previous inexpensive home shredder was killed by a severe jam. We wanted something sturdier and a bit more jam-proof than our late lamented shredder. Although we haven't had a change to put the Fellowes shredder through a heavy-duty test yet, so far it's pleasantly quiet compared to the previous one, and it has that nice safety feature where the mechanism stops if the hands come near the slot. Beautiful design, and smooth operation. I attempted to run a five-page, two-staple glossy brochure through it, and it balked right away when folded in two. Fully extended so that it was just 5 pages, it balked and red-signalled midway through. By pressing the forced forward button, it finished shredding without a problem, but the fact remains that it balked and gave a jam warning with just five pages, when the rating is supposedly 12. Keep that in mind if you have a high volume of shredding to do. January 18, 2015
So far, so good. Quiet, smart, and smart-looking. Handles jobs easily. I got an excellent deal on this shredder (it was on clearance and a display model) while looking for something to replace my old store-brand 6-sheet shredder that finally shredded itself after 5 years. I saw the reviews on this model and considering the deal decided to get it. I got it home and was immediately impressed by it before I even turned it on. It feels...SOLID. I oiled it and turned it on, and this is the quietest shredder I have ever used. It's also good-looking, smart, and tough. It handled the work I threw at it with no problem, and I like the sensing technology that takes the guesswork out of what is too much and what is too little of a load. Finally, with a child in the house the touch sensing safety stop feature is a must. I didn't even know that this was available. If my boy even gets his hands AROUND the feed slot, the device will detect it and immediately shut off. This one's a keeper, and if it holds up (according to the reviews I read, it will) I will be purchasing only Fellowes shredders from now on. I'm very impressed. December 17, 2014
Past Customer I chose a Fellowes Shredder because the one I am replacing lasted 10 - 15 years. That was all I needed to know that I wanted a Fellowes Shredder. Past experience was great..So I was on a mission to find a sale and along with that I found features I did not know existed. Like the pullout bin, shuts off when your fingers touch the top and shreds up to 12 pages at a time. These were all extra bonuses.. November 30, 2014
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