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Reposapiés Fellowes Compact Rocker™

CRC: 80240
  • Reposapiés que ayuda a una correcta circulación y reduce la fatiga de las piernas
  • Ajuste sencillo de altura de doble posición (65 ó 95 mm), simplemente dándole la vuelta
  • Doble base circular con sistema único anti-deslizamiento que evita cualquier movimiento no deseado
  • Base antideslizante con zona masaje
  • Diseño compacto ideal para puestos de trabajo reducidos
  • Certificado según norma ISO-9241
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Reposapiés Fellowes Compact Rocker™__8024001_Height1.png


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Codigo barras unidad043859569717
Dimensiones producto (Alto x ancho x profundo) mm134.90 x 419.10 x 241.30
Tipo De MaterialHIPS <no translation>
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Simple appearance, difficult assembly The Foot Rocker is just what we wanted except when assembling it. We got the rocker legs on the platform but could not figure out how to attach the clips that secure the rockers to the platform. The clips have 3 sets of male ends evenly spaced on each while the platform and rockers have 4 sets of female areas that have blanks where the holes should be. I am not a physics expert, but the combination doesn't seem to fit well. Without the clips, the rockers will continually work their way off. December 27, 2013
Good Product > Instruction Clarification Like Monkwille the previous reviewer I had the same problem trying to get the clips in on part B after attaching parts A (the rockers) to part C (the platform). Once you have pushed part A on to part C, YOU THEN NEED TO PUSH PART A FORWARD therefore exposing the clip holes the clips on part B need to fit into. Pleas note you need to ensure that part A is flush against part C before trying to push it into the locking position (I had to use quite a bit of pressure to get mine to move). In hindsight I know that theres an arrow on the instructions but perhaps if Fellowes were to add the word 'push' next to the arrow it would make things clearer. February 23, 2015
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