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Destructeur Powershred® 79Ci Coupe croisée

CRC: 46790
  • Coupe croisée, détruit 14 feuilles par passage en particules de 4 x 38 mm (Niveau de sécurité DIN P-4)
  • Technologie 100% anti-bourrage élimine les bourrages et les gère en cours de destruction lors de mauvaises insertions
  • Technologie SilentShred® réduit les désagréments sonores dans les espaces partagés
  • Technologie exclusive SafeSense® qui arrête le destructeur dès qu'une main s'approche de la fente d'insertion
  • Cycle de fonctionnement jusqu'à 12 minutes
  • Pour 1 à 3 utilisateur(s)



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4,6925 out of 5

Destructeur Powershred® 99Ci Coupe croisée


Nom du modèle79CI
Dimensions de la machine (hauteur x largeur x profondeur) mm542.00 x 390.00 x 265.00
Capacité de passage (70g)14
Type de coupeCoupe Croisée
Taille de coupe4x38mm
Niveau de Sécurité DINP-4
Cycle de fonctionnement (min)12
UtilisationUsage frequent
Technologie Anti-bourrages100% Sans Bourrages
Sécurité AvancéeSafeSense®
Technologie Destruction silencieuseSilentShred
Economiseur d'énergieSystème économiseur d'énergie
Peut détruireAgrafes, Cartes de Crédit, Trombones, CD/DVD
Basket TypeBac extractible
Garantie2 Ans Sur La Machine, 5 Ans Sur Les Cylindres De Coupe
Gencod Unitaire043859629022
CouleurNoir/Gris foncé
Type De MatérielMetal
Largeur d'entrée (mm)230
Vitesse de destruction (m/min)3,4

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Energy Savings System Icon.png

Système économiseur d'énergie

Activé après une période de non-utilisation, il réduit la consommation d'énergie.

SilentShred Icon.png


Réduit les nuisances sonores dans les espaces de travail partagés

Fellowes La technologie SafeSense


Stoppe la destruction dès qu'une main s'approche de la fente d'insertion

Fellowes 100% Anti-Bourrage

100% Sans Bourrages

Prévient les bourrages papier et régule les mauvaises insertions.

Manuel d'utilisation

Powershred® 79Ci Cross-Cut Shredder 4.8 5 698 769
A Startling Surprise I’m a collector, an octogenarian, so have for many years saved cards, letters and poetry from my husband, mother, children and friends; love letters from old boyfriends; receipts, and records of work and business, all too personal to throw in the curbside trash. Did I want my children to encounter this mountain of paper clutter? NO! So I bought three shredders one-by-one. By file fifteen, or less in one case, they clattered, stopped, had to be begged to take one sheet at a time. Finally growing discouraged I started looking at other people’s opinions of better shredders; perusing reviews by those who’d tested several shredders and discovered the Fellowes PS-79Ci had a good reputation. I bought one, however I was dubious of its staying power. I am having a grand surprise. To empty the previous shredders I had to lift off the tops which were awkward and heavy. And they all filled much too quickly. My Fellowes container is large enough to hold one stuffed file which works for me, the weight being just right to manage as I slide out the basket and dump the pieces into a garbage bag. Too often the other shredders were hot, quit working, always before I could get the contents of one file folder through them. This shredder gets hot after about three stuffed files. That’s just right, too, for I’m tired of sitting by then, ready to walk around for awhile, smell my roses and admire the moss rose … or start lunch, drink a cup of coffee, relax. Forty-six large black garbage bags of shredded paper later, I am thankful to all of the people who suggested I buy one. I estimate I have forty-six more bags at least to go, but now have the faith … my Fellowes is up to the job. And happily, in a final win-win, a nephew is plowing under the shredded material as mulch for his next year’s garden so my lifelong collection of memories will live on. I visualize them now … as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. September 23, 2010
Excellent Shredder This shredder replaced an older different brand that I had for home use, the Fellows model is slightly larger but it is much better. It is definitely much quieter than other brands I have looked at. The pull-out bin makes emptying the shredded documents easy and fast. It also allows for more pages to be shredded at once - speeding up the shredding process. I feel this would even work for a regular personal office shredder - not at home. With the color lights on the right side it quickly indicates to you if you are trying to shred too much at once. January 23, 2015
Excellent product I’ve been very favorably impressed with the 79Ci shredder’s performance. It is fast and is much quieter than other shredders I have used. The paper sensors are very useful and the storage bin is easily removed. The only problem is the Safesense safety light does not light when you touch the paper opening. The paper storage bin seems to fill very quickly, but a larger bin would of course mean the whole unit would have to be much larger. Overall I am very pleased with the 79Ci (except for the non-functioning safety light) , and would highly recommend this unit. January 16, 2015
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