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Plastifieuse Saturn 2 A3

CRC: 57271
  • Technologie HeatGuard™ à double isolation : jusqu'à 50% de chaleur émise en moins
  • Plastifie des pochettes jusqu'à 125 microns par face
  • Mécanisme de dégagement en cas de mauvaise insertion
  • Stabilisation de température pour une qualité de plastification constante
  • Livré avec un kit de 10 pochettes



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4,3333 out of 5

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Nom du modèleSATURN 2 A3/125
Gencod Unitaire043859610044
Dimensions de la machine (hauteur x largeur x profondeur) mm90.00 x 566.00 x 122.00
Garantie2 Ans
Type De MatérielPlastique
Qté par lot1
Arrêt automatiqueNon
Système Easi-accessNon
Largeur d'entrée (mm)315
Sécurité AvancéeHeatGuard
Plastification montageNon
Plastifie les photosOui
Nécessite un transporteurNon
Plastification à froidOui
Réglages de température4
Nombre de Rouleaux2
Temps de chauffe5 minutes
Epaisseur des pochettes (mic)80-125 microns
Epaisseur max. (Microns)Jusqu’à 125 microns
Technologie AutoLamAucune
Technologie Anti-bourrages100% Sans-bourrage
Technologie Hot SwapAucune

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100% Sans-bourrage

Le mécanisme ClearPath assure une plastification sans bourrages en utilisant les pochettes de plastification Fellowes.

125 Micron thickness

Jusqu’à 125 microns

Epaisseur maximum de la pochette

HeatGuard Badge.png


Réduit la température en surface de la plastifieuse et garantit un toucher "tiède".

4.8 5 16 16
Debra2009 Easy to operate. We offer laminating as an add-on service for our customers and have used a variety of models. We shot through 10-15 sheets on our first day and were very pleased with the quality, speed and easy of operation. We need one machine that will cover a variety of sizes for our pouches - literally 2" up to 17" - this model perfectly compliments our large format laminator. September 27, 2014
Great Product Product works great. We did encounter some problems a little over a year after purchase, but the manufacturer was great about replacing it under warranty. September 9, 2014
Saturn 2 - 125 Great laminator with a couple concerns. After running for a while it makes a rumbling sound almost like the roller bearings are on there way out. planning on calling the company about this. Also I noticed the other day I left it on, thought it was supposed to have an auto shut off within an hour but it was quite warm and did not shut down after 4 hours. Besides these concerns it works great. P.S. If support happens to read this...a slide guide would be a nice added feature for sometimes the sleeve goes in a little side ways. July 1, 2014
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