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Tapis repose-poignet Gel Crystal™ Bleu

CRC: 91141
  • Gel transparent et élégant qui personnalise votre espace de travail
  • Surface résistante de facile d'entretien
  • Tapis adapté aux souris optiques avec une surface offrant un meilleur glissement de la souris
  • Bleu
Tapis repose-poignet Gel Crystal™ Bleu__91141.png
Tapis repose-poignet Gel Crystal™ Bleu__91141.png



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Repose-poignet Gel Crystal™ Bleu

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Repose-poignet Crystal Bleu


Gencod Unitaire077511911415
Dimensions de la machine (hauteur x largeur x profondeur) mm19.10 x 200.00 x 233.40
GarantieLimitée d'un an
Type De MatérielPOLYURETHANE GEL <no translation>
3.4 5 6 7
awesome product Love that it cushions my wrist, and keeps my hand in place. Decreases stress on my joints May 21, 2013
Awesome Product This thing has saved me from many months of pain. It is literally so good that if I cant find a computer without one, I wont use their mouse. The gel feels amazing on my wrist and I can relax and use the mouse like it is suppose to be used! May 8, 2013
I Hvae To Agree I have to agree with the lady about trying to get some work done with a warped mouse pad. Everything she states is true because I experience the same event. I have not gone through four in a year but I have gone through 2 in three years. The second didn't last as long as the first one and had to be thrown out because it was leaking so badly. I really like the way the gel pad supports my wrist when mousing but the durability of the product is sub-standard. I do not think that research and development testing these products for endurance. Maybe they plan for them to deteriorate within a year so the consumer has to buy another. Well this consumer is over it and I will go back to using a hand towel as my wrist rest for the keyboard and I will just get a regular cheap mouse pad for mousing. Sorry Fellowes, I really like your office supplies but the gel products are not working for me November 20, 2012
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