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Repose-poigne clavier Gel Crystal™ Violet

CRC: 91437
  • Gel transparent et élégant qui personnalise votre espace de travail
  • Surface résistante de facile d'entretien
  • Violet
Repose-poigne clavier Gel Crystal™ Violet__91437.png
Repose-poigne clavier Gel Crystal™ Violet__91437.png



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Tapis repose-poignet Gel Crystal™ Violet

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Support paume Gel Crystal™ Violet

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Repose-poignet Crystal Violet


Gencod Unitaire077511914379
Dimensions de la machine (hauteur x largeur x profondeur) mm15.90 x 469.90 x 57.20
GarantieLimitée d'un an
Type De MatérielPOLY-URETHANE GEL <no translation>
Protection Microban®None
2 5 2 2
Horrible Quality This is my third Gel Wrist Rest. The First one lasted almost 5 years and it would have lasted longer but while moving office it got crushed between the metal file cabinets. So I got a second one, within a week the left corner started to open up and gel oozing out....I thought it was just a bad batch; so I went ahead and got another one....well, in less than a month it did the same thing!!! FELLOWES - what happened to QUALITY Control? July 10, 2013
Not Durable I came to the site to file a complain but this is just as good because I can warn others about the performance and durability for this product. The cost is pretty reasonable when you consider the good that it does for your health but these wrist rest wear out too soon. They have a one year limited warranty on these gel products and that is usually when they start to split open and start to ooze the gel out onto your desk surface, on your hands, on your clothes. and its disgusting the way it feels next to your skin. Its very sticky and your wrist start to stick to the rest. The design is extraordinary because they support the wrist very well and cushion the impact that the wrist go through when keying and typing. I have gone through about 6 of these since they first came out and while I like the performance I do not like the durability. They need to produce a more durable product that will last longer than a year. November 20, 2012
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