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Posture Managers

Encourage and maintain correct posture and help reduce muscular strain on the back, neck and shoulders, avoiding fatigue and discomfort with a posture manager. Click here to learn more about preventing back tension and find out what is ergonomics?

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CRC: 80640

Fellowes Deluxe Posture Manager, compact design and easy to use which encourages optimal use of correct posture and seating position.

Innovative Features
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This product features Microban® antibacterial protection for active hygiene, helping keep your office cleaner and healthier.
FIRA International is an Independent Ergonomic Consultancy.This product is accredited to EU Health and Safety Legislation*.*BS EN ISO 9241/1995/Part 5; EC Directive 290/90/EEC & amends 2002

CRC: 80637

Contemporary and sleek design that encourages the user to sit with the correct posture reducing muscular strain on the back, neck and shoulders.