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Fellowes is a global manufacturer and marketer of business machines, records storage and office accessories. All our products are designed and developed to enhance the quality, efficiency and productivity of the workplace.

Core Brands

We provide an array of brands and products that meet rigorous standards for quality and innovation at the office, at home, and on the move.





Fellowes®-Powershred® Business Machines, Productivity and Organisation Accessories

Bankers Box®-Records storage products and solutions

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Our innovation grows from a set of four core values that drives the success of our brands. The spirit of our values spans across our company, inspiring the ingenuity and commitment to quality that is Fellowes. 


  • Integrity - We nurture a culture that delivers on promises, does what is right, and is honest with itself.
  • Teamwork - Joined through mutual respect, trust and support, we count on each other as we work together to achieve the company's purpose.
  • Passion - We are driven to win, and determined to be the best in what matters most to our consumers, our customers and our people.
  • Initiative - Our people are encouraged to seize opportunities to improve performance and value in the marketplace.



Sharing Our Values

As a global company, we understand that these core values must touch all of our employees around the world, embrace important causes, and address global environmental issues.


Fellowes honours employees through the Fellowes Forward Awards, presented to teams that best exemplify our values and act on our key strategies.

At Fellowes we are committed to growing and managing our business in an environmentally-responsible manner. Our aim is to exceed industry standards for green initiatives through the development of environmentally-friendly innovations and improvements to our processes which will result in reduced wastage, reduced energy consumption and minimal impact on the environment. Visit Fellowes and the environment for more information





Fellowes Team S.E.E.D. (Sustainability, Education, Empowerment, Duty) enhances the sustainability of our products, packaging, facilities, and operations through the education of our employees, customers, and suppliers.


Our goal is to break down barriers to progress and empower our employees and suppliers to make environmentally preferable choices whenever possible.


We are driven by an indomitable ethic to do what is right for our business, our customers, and our planet, now, and for generations to come.



We use recycled/recyclable materials whenever possible:

  • Water and/or vegetable based inks, coatings, and adhesives are specified for our packaging where possible.
  • SFI Certified (C0003987) corrugated materials and water based inks are used to manufacture our Records Storage products in our US operation.
  • Earth Series Products contain various and increasing levels of recycled content.
  • Bankers Box brand, white top product, contains 60% recycled content while the EARTH SERIES™ line contains 100% recycled content.
  • Fellowes collects roughly 55,000 pounds of scrap corrugate daily and sends it out to be recycled into new products.
  • Plastic bands that were previously considered garbage and ended up in a landfill are now chopped into 2 inch strips with special cutting equipment. These strips are sold to a plastics recycling company. Many tons of plastic have been removed from the waste stream allowing it to be repurposed.
  • Bankers Box R-Kive carton stacking pattern has been reconfigured resulting in a 25% increase in the amount of cartons that will fit into a standard 53’ trailer.
  • Our annual savings from using recycled materials:
    • 108,088 tons of Wood (747,702 trees)
    • 298 billion BTUs (enough energy to power 3,277 homes/year)
    • 96,001,169 lbs. of CO2 (exhaust from 8,717 cars)
    • 43,579,757 lbs. of Solid Waste (1,556 garbage truck loads)
    • 297,730,436 Gallons of Waste Water (451 Olympic size swimming pools)
    • 137,356 lbs. of VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds

Source: Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator. For more information, visit: www.papercalculator.org.



We believe, at times, less is more:

  • We are shipping our Powershred model 79Ci with its removable shredder head inside the shredder basket, resulting in a 34% reduction in overall carton size and a 52% increase in the amount of shredders that will fit into a standard 40’ container.
  • Redundant outer shipping cartons have been eliminated from many of Fellowes’ shredder products, significantly reducing the materials required to safely ship a shredder.


We believe in continuous improvement:

  • Approximately 70 to 80% of the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam inserts have been replaced with molded paper pulp.
  • New, more environmentally conscious materials and processes have allowed us to replace our large, pre-formed EPS inserts with in-house molded, polyurethane inserts.
  • The new materials come to us as concentrated liquids, in two pallet sized containers.
  • Two full containers, when mixed, create a similar amount of new foam as it takes to fill a 45’ long trailer with the current EPS foam. This means less fuel and fewer trucks.
  • If we ever have to dispose of any of our new foam, it can be returned to our supplier location for recycling or it can even be disposed of within the ordinary waste stream.
  • Our new foam also can be compacted within a landfill to less than 10% of its original, fully formed size, if necessary.
  • Lastly, our new foam conforms to the European Packaging Directive “Essential Requirements” 94/62/EC and is accepted by third-party collection organizations throughout Europe.


We design energy efficiency into our products:

  • Energy saving electronics have been incorporated into many of our current shredder models. This advanced circuitry enables our shredder products to “power down” after a period of non-use, using approximately 70% of the original power required.
  • Our patented Jam Proof Technology not only prevents the obvious jams, but it significantly reduces the power a shredder requires/uses to deal with a typical paper jam, many times less than any competitor product.


We consider the full "cradle to cradle" life cycle of our products:

  • Our shredders are designed and manufactured to meet Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) standards.
  • The Fellowes Technical After Sales and Service (TASS) group refurbishes and/or recycles thousands of shredders each year.
  • Approximately 27% of returned shredders are refurbished into “like new” condition.
  • The remaining shredders are disassembled into their component parts and materials, and are sold to local recyclers.



  • All products have standardized sustainability related information added to our Oracle database as a result of our internal Supplier Product Documentation Project.
  • Continuous improvement processes determining more efficient unit and master outer carton sizes, inclusive of product sizing, are ongoing.
  • Recycled content is used throughout our range of office products and the related product packaging, where possible.



  • Our corporate headquarters has upgraded all overhead office lighting from T-12 (lower efficiency) to T-8 (higher efficiency) systems in addition to warehouse lighting upgrades.
  • Through optimisation of our global distribution activities, we continually attempt to reduce fossil fuel consumption.



  • All employees are encouraged to recycle paper, plastic and metal using special bins located throughout our facilities.
  • Multiple tons of obsolete computer equipment are collected and recycled each year.
  • Fellowes conducts yearly recycling events.




Innovation in File Storage


Found in 1917, Fellowes began its history in file storage systems. Harry L. Fellowes bought a fledgling box business from an acquaintance, Walter Nickel, who was called up during World War I. Purchased for just $50.00, the company manufactured and sold a corrugated filing box designed for bank records. With a newly passed amendment instituting a federal income tax, records retention became a necessity. The timing was excellent for a strong and affordable source for records keeping.


Soon after the war, Walter Nickel rejoined Harry. In a patriotic tribute, they named their product the Liberty Box which soon became popular with a variety of businesses. As the product lines expanded to meet the demands of office environments over the next 60 years, the boxes turned into entire systems of efficient records management. The famous Bankers Box became the trademark file storage system across the American business landscape.




Envisioning the Computer Workspace


The Information Age spurred a new period of growth for Fellowes®. In the hands of John Fellowes, and later his sons, James and Peter, the company continued its tradition of innovation. By envisioning the computer as the center of individual workstations in the early 80's, Fellowes created an entire range of products for the office workstation that helped people manage increasing amounts of information. As technology moved into mobile devices like laptop computers, cell phones and PDAs, Fellowes developed innovative products to facilitate their use.


In 1982, Fellowes entered into a licensing agreement with a German company to distribute commercial shredders in the United States. Based on the outstanding success of this venture, Fellowes designed and manufactured its own product, introducing the first line of personal shredders in 1990. No one could have predicted the response to this new product, and almost overnight the company had a strong consumer product that complemented its established commercial business.




Solutions to Identity Theft


As identity theft became a serious threat to consumers and businesses alike, much of the focus shifted to electronic media to defend against identity crimes. Fellowes, however, had the vision to see that the effective disposal of sensitive documents was crucial to identity protection. By 2010 there were over 4.5 million victims of identity fraud. Fellowes continued to develop improved and more efficient shredder technology, streamlining performance, effectiveness and durability well into the next millennium.




Innovating New Workplace Solutions


Today, the workplace has blended into everyday life. Shifting seamlessly from office, to home to hand-held technology, is the future. With this vision, Fellowes continues to develop new innovations and improvements to current products to create exciting new solutions for our ever-changing workspace.


Currently under the leadership of James Fellowes, the Fellowes® executive team represents a diverse range of skills and experience. The executive team benefits from having several tenured members who have made significant contributions over the years as well as newer members who bring fresh perspectives to the company. Additionally, the Fellowes family has been actively engaged in running the business since 1917.


Leadership Bios


James Fellowes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Upon becoming President in 1983, Jamie represented the third generation to lead the family business. As CEO, he is actively involved in all aspects of the Fellowes business. His tenure has produced a remarkable record of growth through increasingly challenging times. In a dynamic industry, he has managed to reinvent the company on several occasions in order to ensure prosperity in changing environments. Today, he is driving another transformation - of building the company's capabilities and operations on a global scale.


Since joining the company in 1969, Jamie has worked in virtually all areas of the firm. After working in various part-time positions during his college years, he started as Advertising Manager in 1969. He went on to become Vice President of Sales in 1973, Executive Vice President in 1979, President/COO in 1983, and finally Chairman/CEO in 1997.


Jamie's accomplishments extend beyond the business. In 1997, Ernst & Young recognized him as "Master Entrepreneur of the Year." In recognition of leadership within and beyond the business community, he also received the "Torch of Liberty" award from the Anti-Defamation League in 1994 and the "Spirit of Life" award from the City of Hope in 1997.


Jamie's educational background includes Denison University and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

John E. Fellowes, II, President


Since the founding of Fellowes, Inc. in 1917, John Fellowes has become the fourth generation to play a key leadership role in the family business. Through his experience managing the Business Machines division John built a solid background in product development and marketing strategy. John’s significant contributions produced successful media campaigns and product launches. In 2007, John was recognized for these contributions at the Chicago Innovation Awards.


In 2007, John was recognized for these contributions at the Chicago Innovation Awards and internally through winning five Fellowes Forward Awards. He also represented the company numerous times during interviews with NBC Weekend Web and Fox New Squawk Box. John went on to become Senior Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, and finally, Vice President of Global Marketing.


John has worked in all aspects of the business. As a high school student he worked in the manufacturing plant and in various support functions during college. John began his full time career in sales, later becoming a Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, and finally Vice President of Business Machines before becoming President in 2012. His current focus involves overseeing all business divisions, developing new geographic markets and driving innovation as well as engagement in strategic planning.


John Fellowes holds a B.S. in Business Systems from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.


Michel Van Beek, President Fellowes Europe


Michel joined Fellowes Europe as Vice President of Sales EMEA in 2006 and significantly expanded product placements and distribution for new channels in the EMEA market. Appointed President of the European business in 2012, Michel oversees EMEA, India and South America and is concentrated on continued growth through the development of consumer focused marketing campaigns. His influence has driven operational efficiency and increased overall operational performance across all segments of the business delivering best in class services to our customer community.


Prior to joining Fellowes, Michel worked for 3M for 12 years and 5 years at GBC where he held various sales and marketing leadership roles. Michel´s educational background includes Havo, MDS Business School and MBA executive leadership programs.

Mike Parker, Executive Vice President of Global Sales


Mike Parker began his career at Fellowes in September, 2000 as a territory sales manager. After various assignments in National Accounts, Mike was promoted to North American Field Sales Manager in 2006. Through his dedicated efforts and successful selling initiatives, Mike became Director of Commercial Sales in 2007, then Vice President, North American Sales in 2008. He achieved his current role as Executive Vice President of Global Sales in 2011. Mike has created a customer-focused, results-oriented culture that has expanded Fellowes market share across all channels of distribution.


Mike’s holds a B.A. in Business Administration & Marketing from Covenant College.

James Lewis, Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer


Jim oversees all supply chain management efforts globally. He has successfully led the company through three different types of manufacturing environments - from a regional manufacturing structure with multiple U.S. facilities to centralized domestic production to the current global manufacturing and partnering structure. During the changes, Jim ensured high quality and favorable cost structures. As the champion for the company's total quality initiative, "Advantage Fellowes," Jim oversees the continuous improvement of the company's methods and ensures strong service for our customers.


Jim began his Fellowes career in 1986 as a Manufacturing Plant Manager. He has moved across a range of positions at Fellowes including Director of Manufacturing Operations, Vice President of European Operations, Vice President/General Manager of Records Storage and Vice President/General Manager Presentation Products. Prior to assuming his current role, he served as Vice President/General Manager of Business Machines.


Jim attended New Jersey State College and received his B.S. degree in Criminal Justice.

Lyn Bulman, Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources


Having joined the firm in 2002, Lyn brings a progressive and energetic approach to her global responsibilities. In a company that values its employees as highly as Fellowes does, her role has special importance. Lyn has driven significant advancements in the company's approach to human resources. Her leadership has provided positive change in benefits, talent recruitment, compensation and career development. She also brings a unique global perspective that is highly valued as the firm continues to expand its global operations.


Lyn came to Fellowes from Galileo International where she was Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Relations. Over an 11-year career, Lyn held several HR roles in Europe and the United States.


Lyn holds a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Leeds University in the United Kingdom, as well as professional certifications from the U.K. Institute of Personnel and Development and the U.S. Society of Human Resource Management

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