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Fellowes Team S.E.E.D. (Sustainability, Education, Empowerment, Duty) enhances the sustainability of our products, packaging, facilities, and operations through the education of our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Our goal is to break down barriers to progress and empower our employees and suppliers to make environmentally preferable choices whenever possible.

We are driven by the commitment to do what is right for our business, our customers, and our planet, now, and for generations to come.

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We use recycled/recyclable materials whenever possible:

  • FSC® Certified (C009687) 100% recycled board is used to manufacture our corrugated storage and organisation solutions in Europe.
  • Banker Box corrugated outer cartons are also made from FSC® certified 100% recycled board wherever possible.
  • All Bankers Box corrugated products are fully recyclable.
  • Waste corrugated board produced during the production process is collated and sent for recycling.
  • Water based inks are specified for our products and packaging wherever possible.
  • Adhesives used for the manufacture of our products and packaging wherever possible are solvent free.
  • Minimal packaging is used whilst ensuring the product will still be protected during transit.


We believe, at times, less is more:

  • We are shipping our Powershred model 79Ci with its removable shredder head inside the shredder basket, resulting in a 34% reduction in overall carton size and a 52% increase in the amount of shredders that will fit into a standard 40’ container.
  • Redundant outer shipping cartons have been eliminated from many of Fellowes’ shredder products, significantly reducing the materials required to safely ship a shredder.

We believe in continuous improvement:

  • Approximately 70 to 80% of the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam inserts have been replaced with molded paper pulp.
  • New, more environmentally conscious materials and processes have allowed us to replace our large, pre-formed EPS inserts with in-house molded, polyurethane inserts.
  • The new materials come to us as concentrated liquids, in two pallet sized containers.
  • Two full containers, when mixed, create a similar amount of new foam as it takes to fill a 45’ long trailer with the current EPS foam. This means less fuel and fewer trucks.
  • If we ever have to dispose of any of our new foam, it can be returned to our supplier location for recycling or it can even be disposed of within the ordinary waste stream.
  • Our new foam also can be compacted within a landfill to less than 10% of its original, fully formed size, if necessary.
  • Lastly, our new foam conforms to the European Packaging Directive “Essential Requirements” 94/62/EC and is accepted by third-party collection organizations throughout Europe.

We design energy efficiency into our products:

  • Energy saving electronics have been incorporated into many of our current shredder models. This advanced circuitry enables our shredder products to “power down” after a period of non-use, using approximately 70% of the original power required.
  • Our patented Jam Proof Technology not only prevents the obvious jams, but it significantly reduces the power a shredder requires/uses to deal with a typical paper jam, many times less than any competitor product.

We consider the full "cradle to cradle" life cycle of our products:

  • Our shredders are designed and manufactured to meet Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) standards.
  • The Fellowes Technical After Sales and Service (TASS) group refurbishes and/or recycles thousands of shredders each year.
  • Approximately 27% of returned shredders are refurbished into “like new” condition.
  • The remaining shredders are disassembled into their component parts and materials, and are sold to local recyclers.


  • All products have standardized sustainability related information added to our Oracle database as a result of our internal Supplier Product Documentation Project.
  • Continuous improvement processes determining more efficient unit and master outer carton sizes, inclusive of product sizing, are ongoing.
  • Recycled content is used throughout our range of office products and the related product packaging, where possible.


  • Most if not all of our cellular accessory packaging dimensions have been minimized.
  • Most if not all packaging material thicknesses and quantities have been reduced.
  • Where possible, multipack shipping cartons have been reorganized and/or redesigned for increased quantities within the same or less space.
  • Post-consumer recycled content, vegetable based inks, and water-based coatings and adhesives are used where possible.


  • Our corporate headquarters has upgraded all overhead office lighting from T-12 (lower efficiency) to T-8 (higher efficiency) systems in addition to warehouse lighting upgrades.
  • Through optimization of our global distribution activities, we continually attempt to reduce fossil fuel consumption.


  • All employees are encouraged to recycle paper, plastic and metal using special bins located throughout our facilities.
  • Multiple tons of obsolete computer equipment are collected and recycled each year.
  • Fellowes conducts yearly recycling events.

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