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Powershred® DS-1 Distruggidoc. a frammento

CRC: 30101
  • Tecnologia e design vincenti
  • Distruggidocumenti ad alta sicurezza, taglia in frammenti da 4x35mm fino a 11 fogli per volta (Livello di Sicurezza P-4)
  • La tecnologia brevettata SafeSense® ferma automaticamente il distruggidocumenti se l'area attorno all'imboccatura viene toccata
  • Distrugge in modo continuativo fino a 5 minuti
  • Elegante cestino in rete metallica da 18 litri con pedale
  • Per uso individuale
Powershred DS-1__DS-1_ 3010401_HeroLeft_Shreds.png
Powershred DS-1__DS-1_ 3010401_HeroLeft_Shreds.png
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Powershred DS-1__DS-1_3011001_EasyEmpty.png



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Powershred DS-13C__3011901_Hero2.png
4,3333 out of 5

Powershred® DS-13C Distruggidoc. a frammento

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4,75 out of 5

Olio per distruggidocumenti


Numero ModelloDS-1
Codice prodotto3010101
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)568.00 x 150.00 x 346.00
Capacità fogli11
Tipo di taglioTaglio a frammento
Dimensione taglio4x35mm
Livello DINP-4
Ciclo di lavoro/Minuti5
Sicurezza avanzataSafeSense®
Tecnologia rumoreNessuna
Distruggecarte di credito, graffette, Punti metallici
Basket TypePull-out Bin
Garanzia2 Anni Macchina, 5 Anni Lame
Codice UPC043859496693
Ampiezza imboccatura (mm)230




Ferma la distruzione al contatto delle mani con l'imboccatura

Manuale del prodotto

3.9 5 38 47
Mine did too . . . Like other reviewers, my machine made it a couple of years before the forward "gear" died with full reverse motion! I was shocked because my previous Fellowes shredder wore out rather than died out! It seems this model had a miscue; next timeI'll read reviews first . . . December 29, 2013
Please Don't Purchase -- You'll Regret it! I purchased the first Powershred® DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder in 2010 and within 2 years the motor burned up. It was only used for home use but my wife liked the design so I purchased the second one from Amazon in December 2011. We have used it also for just occasional home use and now the on/off and auto feed switch is not working and I'm going to have to purchase another shredder. While it looks nice, it is a terrible waste of money and I'd never purchase another one. We have a Powershred® 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder at work that gets used 100 times more than this one and it has worked great from day one so I believe this is a poor design or manufacturing issue. September 16, 2013
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