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Powershred® DS-1 Distruggidoc. a frammento

CRC: 30101
  • Tecnologia e design vincenti
  • Distruggidocumenti ad alta sicurezza, taglia in frammenti da 4x35mm fino a 11 fogli per volta (Livello di Sicurezza P-4)
  • La tecnologia brevettata SafeSense® ferma automaticamente il distruggidocumenti se l'area attorno all'imboccatura viene toccata
  • Distrugge in modo continuativo fino a 5 minuti
  • Elegante cestino in rete metallica da 18 litri con pedale
  • Per uso individuale
Powershred DS-1__DS-1_ 3010401_HeroLeft_Shreds.png
Powershred DS-1__DS-1_ 3010401_HeroLeft_Shreds.png
Powershred DS-1__DS-1_3011001_EasyEmpty.png
Powershred DS-1__DS-1_3011001_EasyEmpty.png


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Powershred DS-13C__3011901_Hero2.png
4,3333 out of 5

Powershred® DS-13C Distruggidoc. a frammento

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4,75 out of 5

Olio per distruggidocumenti


Numero ModelloDS-1
Codice prodotto3010101
Codice UPC043859496693
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)568.00 x 150.00 x 346.00
Garanzia2 Anni Macchina, 5 Anni Lame
Ampiezza imboccatura (mm)230
Sicurezza avanzataSafeSense®
Capacità fogli11
Tipo di taglioTaglio a frammento
Dimensione taglio4x35mm
Livello DINP-4
Ciclo di lavoro/Minuti5
Tecnologia rumoreNessuna
Distruggecarte di credito, graffette, Punti metallici
Basket TypePull-out Bin




Ferma la distruzione al contatto delle mani con l'imboccatura

Manuale del prodotto

3.9 5 41 50
Very Functional and stylish product I had this same product that lasted 5 years. When it was time to replace it, I looked at other styles but came back to this one. There are very few (if any) other styles that you can pull the basket out from the front versus the top. I could not use a shredder that you emptied by removing the top due to the cabinet that is above this shredder. November 18, 2014
Best purchase ever Purchased this many years ago for my home and business use. During that time others have used(abused) it, fed too many sheets sometimes jamming it, running it for extended periods (20 min and up) but with a little 3in one oil and me clearing the paper out she always keep going. Well they were finally able to strip the gears so now only can feed one sheet at a time if I am lucky. Time to replace it with the same style, and maybe fix this one if parts available as a back-up. With the tip out basket it is the easiest one I have found to empty. April 27, 2014
Mine did too . . . Like other reviewers, my machine made it a couple of years before the forward "gear" died with full reverse motion! I was shocked because my previous Fellowes shredder wore out rather than died out! It seems this model had a miscue; next timeI'll read reviews first . . . December 29, 2013
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