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Powershred® P-58Cs Distruggidoc. a frammento

CRC: 32258
  • Taglia in frammenti da 4x50mm fino a 9 fogli per volta (Livello di Sicurezza P-3)
  • La tecnologia brevettata SafeSense® ferma automaticamente il distruggidocumenti se l'area attorno all'imboccatura viene toccata
  • Distrugge in modo continuativo fino a 5 minuti
  • Il design compatto massimizza lo spazio Cestino da 22 litri con testata facilmente sollevabile per un semplice smaltimento
  • Per uso individuale



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Olio per distruggidocumenti__PerformanceOil_12oz_3525001_Left.png
4,75 out of 5

Olio per distruggidocumenti

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Numero ModelloP-58CS
Codice prodotto3225801
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)400.00 x 212.00 x 360.00
Capacità fogli9
Tipo di taglioTaglio a frammento
Dimensione taglio4x50mm
Livello DINP-3
Ciclo di lavoro/Minuti3-5
Sicurezza avanzataSafeSense®
DistruggePunti metallici, carte di credito, graffette
Basket TypeWastebasket
Garanzia2 Anni Macchina, 5 Anni Lame
Codice UPC043859539581
Ampiezza imboccatura (mm)225




Ferma la distruzione al contatto delle mani con l'imboccatura

Manuale del prodotto

4.4 5 145 180
Great Priced Shredder I am not an expert on shredders. At my place of business, I inherited 100lbs of old files that needed to be shredded, and a little shredder that broke down after about 50 sheets. While the P-58Cs has many great features like SafeSense, cross-cuts, and protects itself from overheating, I feel the greatest attribute is its pure durability. It quickly shredded through my boxes of files, and did not breakdown like the previous office shredder. I'm very impressed! January 18, 2012
Doesn't Work After 2 Weeks I bought the product and it performed reasonably well at first. I shredded about 6 weeks worth of documents and had a total run time of about 45 minutes with plenty of breaks in between. Unplugged it and put it away. Decided to use it again 2 weeks later and it won't turn on. Won't do anything. Outlet had power, Basically it worked for 45 minutes and wouldn't work after that. May 25, 2014
Good replacement Reliable, durable my last Fellows shredder lasted almost 25 years until it died, I guess from old age. October 24, 2013
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