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Powershred® M-6C Distruggidoc. a frammento

CRC: 46021
  • Uso occasionale domestico
  • Distrugge fino a 6 fogli per volta in frammenti da 4x46mm (Livello di Sicurezza P-3)
  • Distrugge ininterrottamente per 4 minuti
  • Cestino da 13 lt con testata sollevabile
  • Distrugge anche punti metallici e carte di credito
  • Per uso individuale
Powershred® M-6C Distruggidocumenti a frammento__M-6C_Heroleft.png
Powershred® M-6C Distruggidocumenti a frammento__M-6C_Heroleft.png
Powershred® M-6C Distruggidocumenti a frammento__M-6C_Heroright.png
Powershred® M-6C Distruggidocumenti a frammento__M-6C_LiftoffHead.png
Powershred® M-6C Distruggidocumenti a frammento__M-6C_Straight.png
Powershred® M-6C Distruggidocumenti a frammento__M-6C_PaperFeed.png


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4,3846 out of 5

Powershred® M-7C Distruggidoc. a frammento


Numero ModelloM-6C
Codice prodotto4602101
Codice UPC043859647231
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)378.00 x 308.00 x 176.00
Garanzia1 Anno Macchina, 3 Anni Lame
Ampiezza imboccatura (mm)230
Capacità fogli6
Tipo di taglioTaglio a frammento
Dimensione taglio4x46mm
Livello DINP-3
Ciclo di lavoro/Minuti4 on / 30 off
Distruggecarte di credito, graffette

Manuale del prodotto

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Careful out of the box Be careful when removing the shredder from the box as the blades are exposed on the underside of product right where one would grab to remove from styrofoam. No Caution on box. With all of the packaging and styrofoam included they failed to have some in the most sensitive area. Shredder seems to work fine otherwise. March 6, 2014
Spoke too soon This is my second review. I wrote my first review before using my M-6C for more than a page or two of shredding. Unfortunately after shredding VERY CAREFULLY a series of documents no more than 4 pages at a time the shredder jammed and has not worked since. I would add that it is very loud. All the bold statements on the advertising materials are opposite of my experience. January 11, 2014
Excited new shredder owner My husband and I recently downsized with a move from AZ to CA and have a smaller home workspace. We are working professionals and had never owned a personal shredder before. We didn't want to take personal documents to our offices, and, had recently experienced identity theft. We bought our shredder at Target in the excitement of goal setting for the new year including organizing our home office. Our Fellowes fits right in. I like the sleek basket design and the size and functionality fit our needs perfectly. One problem: it is LOUD. It scares our pets and can't be used off hours or when anyone is asleep. January 5, 2014
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