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Plastificatrice Saturn 2 A4

CRC: 57264
  • Tecnologia HeatGuard™ - riduce la temperatura di superficie della plastificatrice assicurando che sia sempre sicura da toccare
  • Plastifica pouches fino a 125 micron
  • Meccanismo di rilascio per sbloccare e riallineare documenti male inseriti
  • Controllo avanzato della temperatura di plastificazione
  • Include starter kit per 10 documenti



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ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A4 80 Mic - cf.100__Imagelast80_A4_100pk_5306114.png

ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A4 80 Mic - cf.100

ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A4 125Mic - cf.25__Imagelast125_A4_100pk_5396301.png

ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A4 125Mic - cf.25

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Codice prodotto5726401
Codice UPC043859609970
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)94.00 x 544.00 x 120.00
Mounting Board CapableCatalog Provider - Use Catalog provider web part to setup required queries to bring Commerce Server data available for 'Catalog Item Display' consumers.
Adatto alle foto
Richiesto carrierNo
Plastificazione a freddo
Settaggi di temperatura4
Numero di rulli2
Tempo di riscaldamento5 minuti
Spessore pouche (my)80-125 microns
Spessore Max. Pouche (My)125
Ampiezza entrata (mm)235
Sistema Easy AccessNone
Tecnologia di plastificazione automaticaNone
Garanzia2 Anni
Numero ModelloSATURN 2 A4/95
Auto spegnimentoNo
Tecnologia anti inceppamento100% anti inceppamento
Tecnologia Hot SwapNone
Sicurezza avanzataHeatGuard


HeatGuard Badge.png


Riduce la temperatura di superficie della plastificatrice, assicurando che sia fredda al tocco

Jam Free

100% anti inceppamento

Il meccanismo ClearPath assicura che la plastificatrice non si inceppi a condizione che vengano utilizzate pouches a marchio Fellowes

4.6 5 20 22
New Laminator a Breeze to Use We inherited a small laminator from my mother-in-law and the first time we used it it became too hot and the sheets wrapped around the roller making it totally unusable. Our new Fellowes is much simpler to use and the first outing with it produced sharp, clear sheets to be used at a display space at a church conference. We are very pleased with it and anticipate many uses in a variety of ways. We couldn't be more pleased with our purchase. June 25, 2014
Laminating for Fun and Maybe Profit I am thrilled with this laminator! I paint pictures on computer and use an ink jet printer to print them out. Before, I always wished there was a way to preserve and enhance their beauty but clear coats cannot be used on ink jet ink. Now, I can preserve and enhance to my heart's content. I've been using the 5 mil pouches with lightweight card stock, and have had nothing but fun doing the work. Just remember to use a light weight to medium weight cardstock to clean rollers with, and you will keep your machine running smoothly. I've only had it for a short time and plan on using it a lot as I have pictures stacked up waiting to be laminated. Highly recommend this product. May 19, 2014
Wonderful Resource in Our Office No longer have to leave to run to the office store and have things laminated. This things warms up quickly and allows me to laminate from the office. Highly recommend this to anyone, personal or business! May 12, 2014
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