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Plastificatrice Saturn 2 A3

CRC: 57271
  • Tecnologia HeatGuard™ - riduce la temperatura di superficie della plastificatrice assicurando che sia sempre sicura da toccare
  • Plastifica pouches fino a 125 micron
  • Meccanismo di rilascio per sbloccare e riallineare documenti male inseriti
  • Controllo avanzato della temperatura di plastificazione
  • Include starter kit per 10 documenti
Plastificatrice Saturn 2 A3__Saturn2_A3_R.png
Plastificatrice Saturn 2 A3__Saturn2_A3_R.png


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ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A3 80Mic - cf.100__Imagelast80_A3_100pk_5306207.png
1 out of 5

ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A3 80Mic - cf.100

ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A3 125Mic - cf.25__Imagelast125_A3_25pk_5396501.png

ImageLast Pouches plastificazione A3 125Mic - cf.25

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Codice prodotto5727101
Codice UPC043859610044
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)90.00 x 566.00 x 122.00
Mounting Board CapableCatalog Provider - Use Catalog provider web part to setup required queries to bring Commerce Server data available for 'Catalog Item Display' consumers.
Adatto alle foto
Richiesto carrierNo
Plastificazione a freddo
Settaggi di temperatura4
Numero di rulli2
Tempo di riscaldamento5 minuti
Spessore pouche (my)80-125 microns
Spessore Max. Pouche (My)125
Ampiezza entrata (mm)315
Sistema Easy AccessNone
Tecnologia di plastificazione automaticaNone
Garanzia2 Anni
Numero ModelloSATURN 2 A3/125
Auto spegnimentoNo
Tecnologia anti inceppamento100% anti inceppamento
Tecnologia Hot SwapNone
Sicurezza avanzataHeatGuard


HeatGuard Badge.png


Riduce la temperatura di superficie della plastificatrice, assicurando che sia fredda al tocco

Jam Free

100% anti inceppamento

Il meccanismo ClearPath assicura che la plastificatrice non si inceppi a condizione che vengano utilizzate pouches a marchio Fellowes

4.6 5 17 17
Debra2009 Easy to operate. We offer laminating as an add-on service for our customers and have used a variety of models. We shot through 10-15 sheets on our first day and were very pleased with the quality, speed and easy of operation. We need one machine that will cover a variety of sizes for our pouches - literally 2" up to 17" - this model perfectly compliments our large format laminator. September 27, 2014
Great Product Product works great. We did encounter some problems a little over a year after purchase, but the manufacturer was great about replacing it under warranty. September 9, 2014
Saturn 2 - 125 Great laminator with a couple concerns. After running for a while it makes a rumbling sound almost like the roller bearings are on there way out. planning on calling the company about this. Also I noticed the other day I left it on, thought it was supposed to have an auto shut off within an hour but it was quite warm and did not shut down after 4 hours. Besides these concerns it works great. P.S. If support happens to read this...a slide guide would be a nice added feature for sometimes the sleeve goes in a little side ways. July 1, 2014
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