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Workstation per Laptop Professional Series

CRC: 80246
  • Solleva lo schermo del laptop ad un angolo visivo ottimale
  • Regolabile in modo intuitivo con 9 livelli tra 85 e 245mm
  • Hub USB 2.0 a 4 porte integrato
  • Fessure per l'aerazione
  • In metallo robusto e compatto
  • Si piega completamente piatto


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Codice prodotto8024602
Codice UPC043859611164
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)341.00 x 400.00 x 58.00
GaranziaLimitata 1 Anno




FIRA International è un Consulente Indipendente per l'Ergonomia. Questo prodotto è accreditato in base alla Legislazione Europea su Salute e Sicurezza*. *BS EN ISO 92418/1995/Parte 5; Direttiva 290/90/EEC e modifiche del 2002.

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Design Could be Better This would be a good design except: The document holder seems to be backwards, you need an external keyboard to make use of it. Better idea would make it removable and reversible. On my laptop I have a large battery size with a hump at the bottom. This makes the laptop back heavy so it teeters when the riser is at a moderate angle. So I fabricated "L" brackets to keep the front from tipping up. Having 2 small cooling fans on the back grill would provide extra cooling, they could be optional. A stronger mount on the riser would make it more stable, it bounces when you type. But it provides a comfortable mounting angle for ergonomic concerns. Pads on the front of the laptop surface from the touch pad would provide a hand rest to eliminate strain. But then the new wireless keyboards make that not necessary. August 18, 2012
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