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Mousepad c/supporto polsi Health-V™ Crystal - Blu

CRC: 91822
  • Il canale Health V™ brevettato allevia la pressione sul nervo mediano del polso per aiutare a prevenire la sindrome del tunnel carpale
  • Il morbido gel fornisce comfort e sostegno
  • Il mousepad idoneo per mouse ottico migliora la performance del mouse senza occupare spazio
  • Accreditato da Fira International, un organismo indipendente di accreditamento per l'ergonomia
  • Blu


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Codice prodotto9182201
Codice UPC043859536450
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)24.00 x 200.00 x 254.00
GaranziaLimitata 1 Anno
Protezione antibatterica Microban®Protezione antibatterica Microban®



Protezione antibatterica Microban®

Questo prodotto comprende la protezione antibatterica Microban che garantisce igiene attiva, aiutandoti a manterere il tuo ufficio più pulito e sano.



FIRA International è un Consulente Indipendente per l'Ergonomia. Questo prodotto è accreditato in base alla Legislazione Europea su Salute e Sicurezza*. *BS EN ISO 92418/1995/Parte 5; Direttiva 290/90/EEC e modifiche del 2002.



La gamma di supporti polso con Canale Health-V brevettato alleviano la pressione sul nervo mediano del polso per prevenire infortuni e disagi.

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The adhesive should last as long as the product This is a hard plastic 'mouse pad' with a nice gell wrist support. It *should* last a VERY long time. I've used the cheap, spongy mouse pads for a couple years at a time and this one from Fellowes should AT LEAST outlive one of those. Oh! The plastic holds up. And the gel wrist pad holds up. But the adhesive that holds the top plastic with "Microban" printed on it to the body plastic fails withing a few months. My pad is not exposes to heat, cold, OR liquida or anything that would break down the adhesive. However, I'm on my 4th pad in a YEAR because as the adhesive fails it causes the top plastic to warp. Sure - you can push it back down and it will stick for a while, but I'm trying to WORK here. If my mouse won't slide from side to side smoothly, if I jave to keep pushing down the warped spots, then the product has FAILED. Plain and simple. I have to wonder if Fellowes tests their products for any length of time of if they do this on purpose just to make sure you have to replace their fancy dancy mouse pad 6x more often than you had to with the cheap, spongy ones. Of course I'll buy another one, I have to. For the COST of one of these they should LAST! January 26, 2012
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