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Fellowes PlasmaTRUE Purificatore d'aria medio

CRC: 92706
  • Il processo di pulizia in 4 stadi rimuove il 99.97% degli agenti inquinanti aerei fino alla dimensione di 0,3 micron, inclusi germi, virus, vapori chimici, pollini e polvere
  • La modalità Automatica utilizza dei sensori per controllare la qualità dell'aria e regola automaticamente la velocità della ventola per purificare l'aria
  • Il pannello di controllo comunica le modalità di funzionamento della macchina, e gli indicatori di cambio filtri avvisano quando è il momento di sostituire i filtri al carbone ed HEPA
  • Filtri inclusi nella confezione
  • Il Purificatore medio PlasmaTRUE™ è raccomandato per ambienti fino a 21m² (1-3 persone)
  • 5 anni di garanzia limitata
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Fellowes PlasmaTRUE Purificatore d'aria medio__Airpurifiers_Hero_left.png




Numero ModelloAP-230PH
Codice prodotto9270601
Codice UPC043859627431
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)468.00 x 350.00 x 222.00
GaranziaGaranzia limitata 5 anni
CADR Rating - Fumo150
CADR Rating - Polvere161
CADR Rating - Polline156
Tecnologia PlasmaTrue™Tecnologia PlasmaTrue™
Tipo di filtroCarbon, True HEPA, Protezione antimicrobica
CertificationCertificato Energy Star, Certificato AHAM, ECARF



Certificato Energy Star

Certificato Energy Star

AHAM Verifide

Certificato AHAM

Certificato dall'Associazione dei Produttori di Elettrodomestici



Il Marchio di Qualità ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) viene attribuito ai prodotti e servizi in grado di migliorare la vita dei soggetti allergici.


Protezione antimicrobica

Sanitized® riduce lo sviluppo di batteri, muffe e acari sul filtro al carbone


Tecnologia PlasmaTrue™

La Tecnologia PlasmaTrue rimuove in sicurezza agenti inquinanti aerei a livello molecolare neutralizzando istantaneamente virus e germi nell'aria.

4.8 5 4 4
Quieter than a whisper! This was a Christmas present for my wife, who has a fairly severe dust allergy. A complicating factor is that she works 'graveyard shift', so sleeping soundly through the day is critical. When I first set up the unit, I had to double check to make sure it was actually running - kudos to your engineers for designing such a quiet device. I have never had any kind of appliance that was this quiet. We both had an undisturbed sleep today, and woke without stuffed up sinuses. I only wish that I had purchased this sooner. We are both looking forward to better days ahead. Thank you! December 25, 2013
Terrific No one needs an air purifier more than I - for two reasons. First, in my opinion, I live in the allergy capital of the U.S. - central Texas. Allergens are in the air year round. Add to that, we are in a severe drought and the air is really bad. Secondly, I have two long-haired Australian Shepherds who sleep in my bedroom. As they are free to go in and out, they, too, pick up dust and allergens. I had a much cheaper air purifier which did a halfway job. What I didn't like about it is exactly what I like about the Fellowes. It did cut back on the allergens, but still I would wake with a sinus headache. It did next to nothing about odors. And lastly, it was noisy. The first thing that struck me about the Fellowes is the compact and attractive machine that it is. I am able to place it on a table out of the way. I turned it on and was shocked at how quietly and smoothly it runs. It is super sensitive as indicated by the air quality indicator. My bathroom is off of my bedroom and hair spray, body wash, cleaning materials, etc. are picked up by the machine which is sitting a corner away from the bathroom door. It doesn't miss a thing. And, I suppose, the most important thing is that it does exactly what I want it to do. My bedroom air is free of allergens and smells fresh all the time, quietly done. What more could I ask for? July 8, 2013
I Can Breathe! It works great! I was in the midst of my worst allergy season in years and within hours of setting these up everything cleared up. It was simple to set up. Though be sure that when you try to take the front panel off to remove the packaging from the filters and install them that you aren't trying to pull on the silver insert that is part of the front panel. The filters are easy to install, and then just plug in and push the on button. The automatic setting works wonderfully. It detects when a higher-level fan is necessary and backs back down as needed. The low setting, at which it mainly runs, is whisper quiet. Even high is quiet. I've got one beside my bed and never hear it during the night. I'm also happy that maintenance is so easy. The sensors will tell me when one of the filters needs replacing. Once a month, I vacuum the front sensor (remove that front panel again) and I keep it wiped down, but there is no pesky, fiddly bits to try to keep clean. I'm loving the fresh air in my house. Now if I could only do something about the outside air. . . February 8, 2013
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