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Fellowes PlasmaTRUE Purificatore d'aria grande

CRC: 92707
  • Il processo di pulizia in 4 stadi rimuove il 99.97% degli agenti inquinanti aerei fino alla dimensione di 0,3 micron, inclusi germi, virus, vapori chimici, pollini e polvere
  • La modalità Automatica utilizza dei sensori per controllare la qualità dell'aria e regola automaticamente la velocità della ventola per purificare l'aria
  • Il pannello di controllo comunica le modalità di funzionamento della macchina, e gli indicatori di cambio filtri avvisano quando è il momento di sostituire i filtri al carbone ed HEPA
  • Filtri inclusi nella confezione
  • Il Purificatore grande PlasmaTRUE™ è raccomandato per ambienti fino a 28m² (3 - 5 persone)
  • 5 anni di garanzia limitata
Fellowes PlasmaTRUE Purificatore d'aria grande__Airpurifiers_Hero_left.png
Fellowes PlasmaTRUE Purificatore d'aria grande__Airpurifiers_Hero_left.png




Numero ModelloAP-300PH
Codice prodotto9270701
Codice UPC043859627448
Dimensioni prodotto AxLxP (mm)552.00 x 416.00 x 248.00
GaranziaGaranzia limitata 5 anni
CADR Rating - Fumo191
CADR Rating - Polvere200
CADR Rating - Polline201
Tecnologia PlasmaTrue™Tecnologia PlasmaTrue™
Tipo di filtroTrue HEPA, Carbon, Protezione antimicrobica
CertificationCertificato Energy Star, Certificato AHAM, ECARF



Certificato Energy Star

Certificato Energy Star

AHAM Verifide

Certificato AHAM

Certificato dall'Associazione dei Produttori di Elettrodomestici



Il Marchio di Qualità ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) viene attribuito ai prodotti e servizi in grado di migliorare la vita dei soggetti allergici.


Protezione antimicrobica

Sanitized® riduce lo sviluppo di batteri, muffe e acari sul filtro al carbone


Tecnologia PlasmaTrue™

La Tecnologia PlasmaTrue rimuove in sicurezza agenti inquinanti aerei a livello molecolare neutralizzando istantaneamente virus e germi nell'aria.

4.8 5 15 16
First air purifier purchase - happy so far I suffer from dust and pollen allergies, and with it getting worse each year, we decided to try a purifier. We purchased this unit because of the high rating from so many previous reviews on Amazon, and I do agree with so many other reviewers that this does seem to be a great purifier. I've only had it a few days, so I don't think I can testify to how good the purifier works to clean the air, but the auto mode does occasionally jump to medium or high due to the sensor detecting more particulates in the air, and I the scent of the air from the exhaust port of the unit was noticeably "clean". I will also say that I was quite surprised just how quiet the motor is when on low or even medium setting. I am very happy with my purchase, so far. March 15, 2014
Fresh Air at last! I have been working in my department for 5 years. I noticed that I had been getting headaches and overall feeling terrible. We decided to order this Air Purifier from Fellowes, since we knew it was a great company. BOY WHAT A CHANGE! The indicator for air purity (great little feature that not many purifiers have) was in the RED! We unpacked and got the machine running in 3 mins flat. Ease of use is perfect for what it is. The filter replacement/install is super easy. Already i can feel the difference in the room atmosphere! I highly recommend this product to move alot of air in big spaces. Since we have been running the purifier, the RED went to YELLOW and I'm sure in a little time will be GREEN. We have a large space and will be ordering another right away. March 11, 2014
Nice product, Easy to Use I recently purchased this product to help clear my home of pollution due to the fact that my son and myself are allergy sensitive on top of living in an area with winter inversion resulting in red air quality. When I regularly run the air purifier, I notice a difference. I've also asked friends how they feel when they come into my apartment and they say it feels better. Granted, we live in an area that is prone to winter inversion and when we have a storm drought, pollution builds up and the air outside is almost unbreatheable for anyone. It's really helped having this in my home. There is a high pitched noise that occurs and without some other "white noise" in my room, I can't sleep with it on. I use it where my son and me hang out the most. A large open room that connects the kitchen and living room. The digital reader helps a lot and I do notice it kick up to a higher notch when I cook or when flatulence takes place (sorry, it's true). It's worked well for us the past 2 months. I've yet to need replacement filters. February 23, 2014
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