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Helios 30 thermische inbindmachine

CRC: 56410
  • Meerdere documenten tot 300 pagina's (30mm) kunnen simultaan ingebonden worden
  • Variabele inbindcyclus voor verschillende grootte documenten
  • HeatShield veiligheidsbarrière voorkomt per ongeluk contact met de verwarmplaat
  • Met de document-formaatwijzer bepaalt de gebruiker eenvoudig de juiste inbindcyclus
  • Deksel klapt dicht voor plat opbergen


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2,3333 out of 5

Helios 60 thermische inbindmachine


ModelHELIOS 30
Materiaal TypePlastic
UPC Code043859570034
Afmetingen (hxbxd in mm)330.20 x 571.50 x 139.70
ToepassingKlein Bedrijf
GebruikFrequent gebruik
Gereed signaalJa
Inbind selectie overzichtJa
Inbindcapaciteit (pagina's 80gsm)300
Beep at the End of Binding CycleJa
Automatisch uitschakelenJa
Garantie2 Jaar
EnergiebesparingSleep Mode
Geavanceerde veiligheidHeatShield




Veiligheidsbarrière voorkomt per ongeluk contact met de warmteplaat

Sleep Mode Icon.png

Sleep Mode

Schakelt in na periode van inactiviteit, verlaagt energieverbruik

Helios 30 403834_18L.pdf

Helios 30 Thermal Binder 3.8 5 4 4
Return to Sender The ideal was good and I was excited to purchase this product because I wanted to use it to put together my genealogy documents but I was really disappointed with this product and didn't do what it was suppose to do. I purchased the Thermal Presentation Covers as well and followed the instructions and it didn't work the pages did not stick together it looked nothing like the product review I seen in the video clip. I sent it back for a full refund but I'm stuck with the Thermal Covers since I used two trying to get the product to do what it was suppose to do. I would buy another machine like this in the future but only after all the problems have been sorted out and there is proof that it does what it says it does. Plus I found the Presentation Covers to be a little on the pricey side. February 28, 2015
Better Than Sliced Bread-Helios 30 Thermal Binder I have been a library media specialist for 26 years. I have always had problems trying to repair books successfully and have literally used every type of glue on the market. The Helios 30 Thermal Binder glues the books back together and they look like brand new! I am so impressed and happy with the results! April 25, 2014
Excellent purchase The Fellowes Thermal binding Machine is an excellent, affordable choice for your small office needs March 17, 2015
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