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Office Suites™ Laptopstandaard

CRC: 80320
  • Verhoogt uw laptopscherm tot ooghoogte, wat nekklachten helpt voorkomen
  • Verstelbaar in 6 verschillende hoogtes van 140mm-190mm
  • Stabiliserende rand aan de voorzijde voorkomt dat de laptop van de houder schuift
  • Draagt maximaal 5 kg
  • De laptop kan bovenop de Fellowes Office Suites™ brievenbakjes (8031701) gestapeld worden om ruimte op uw bureau te besparen
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Office Suites™ Laptopstandaard__8032001 Laptop Riser.png


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UPC Code043859470952
Afmetingen (hxbxd in mm)165.10 x 384.20 x 288.90
KleurBLACK/SILVER <no translation>
Materiaal TypeHIPS <no translation>
Garantie1 Jaar Gelimiteerd




FIRA International is een onafhankelijke ergonomie consultancy. Het product is geaccrediteerd volgens de EU 'Gezondheid en Veiligheid' wetgeving*. *BS EN ISO 9241/1995/Part 5; EC Directive 290/90/EEC & amends 2002

Office Suites™ Laptop Riser 2.3 5 3 3
Fellowes Laptop Riser # 8032001 The 80320 Does not hold a Dell Laptop 5720 (17R Notebook). In fact Fellowes does not have a riser that has a 1" "lip" required to hold my Dell to PC securely and prevent it from sliding off the riser. While trying to open my Dell 17R Laptop, the 80320 riser collaped because the "lock" mechanism does not lock securely! The slighest movement makes this riser unstable. The two small stops at the forward end that prevents the upper portion of the riser from moving forward are too short in length and too small in diameter. This model is definitely for a lighter PC and one that is much thinner than a Dell 5720 Inspiron bottom half which is 1" high. The better model for the weight on my Dell PC is a #80384 but needs modification to the front physicall stop which is only approximately 0.4" high. Luckily I had a scrap piece of 1/4" thick clear plexiglass and cut a 1" wide stip by approximately 8" long and fastened it using 3, small beveled head (countersink) type screws. This was a tedious fix and I had the hardware - drills, countersink tool and various other small tools to complete the job. I fastened the plexiglass to the existing 0.4" high lip using three screws. I could send a photo to those interested. As a retired mechanical engineer this was not too large a challenge but again tedious and requiring some special hand tools. And very time sensitive. It is NOT a 15 minute job!!!! Fellowes is missing an opportunity here especially for DELL PC's that are larger and heavier than some PC Laptop competitors. It is an "easy" fix but obviously requires retooling for their molding process. August 16, 2012
Does not support most laptops, causing accidents. Does not hold up most laptop sizes or shapes. They slide off, causing accidents, collapses, trapped my finger. Awful design. February 23, 2015
excellent product - except for Recently purchared a laptop riser. It's a great product but has a major design flaw. The strip mounted on the front edge to keep laptops from sliding off when in the angled position, is too shallow and does not accommodate a Dell Inspiron 17R. This laptop has a rounded front edge on the case and will slide up over top of stop and can fall off. I had to modify mine by adding a Bar Pull (cabinet handle) that is 1 1/2" high and 10" long. My laptop fits just below cross bar, thus saving my laptop from destruction. December 8, 2012
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