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What You Need to Know to Choose a Laminator 

Choosing a Laminating Machine

Know Your Usage

Occasional Use - home or office use a few times a month - Recommended Laminators

Moderate Use - office use a few times a week - Recommended Laminators

Frequent Use - daily office use - Recommended Laminators


Know the Size of Your Laminated Documents

Small - 4” documentsRecommended Laminators

Small-medium - 8.5” documents - Recommended Laminators

Small/medium/large - 12” docts - Recommended Laminators


Know How Frequently Your Laminated Documents Will Be Handled

Minimal handling - 3 mil - Recommended Laminators

Frequent handling - 5 mil - Recommended Laminators

Heavy-duty handling - 7-10 mil - Recommended Laminators


Know Your Temperature Needs

Cold - will not damage heat sensitive documents - Recommended Laminators

Hot - Greatest durability and clarity - Recommended Laminators


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Choosing a Laminating Machine

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