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Revolutionizing the Way You Shred

Fellowes® new line of AutoMax shredders makes shredding more convenient and less time consuming. What makes AutoMax truly walk away is its superior auto feed technologies that shred stacks of papers as they are - no pulling out staples, paper clips or even smoothing wrinkled papers. The AutoMax line offers time-saving innovation to meet the needs of any size shredding job. Simply load the drawer, push the button and walk away with confidence. Experience what a true auto-feed shredder should be… hands-free, and hassle-free.

Award-Winning Design & Innovation

Award winning design and Innovation

Not All Automatic Shredders Are Created Equal

Finally you can walk away from your shredding jobs without worries. The AutoMax line offers a truly walk away shredding experience, automatically shredding stacks of paper with wrinkles, staples, and even paper clips. AutoMax is as tough as any Fellowes shredder but completely hands-free. So now the World’s Toughest Shredders™ also give you the freedom to get back to business.

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Three Year Shredding Expenses

Three Year Shredding Expenses

In-House Shredding Advantage

Now you can shred in-house with the same convenience, but for less! It’s hard to imagine that more convenience, increased efficiency and higher security can actually come at a lower cost. With Fellowes® AutoMax™ shredders, in-house shredding can provide time and money back to your business, boosting productivity. Shredding jobs can now be taken care of faster than having to wait for outsourced services and without the worry of confidential documents getting into the wrong hands.

Time Savings

Convenient automatic shredding so you can walk away and focus on other priorities.

Lower Costs

No more hidden fees or excessive servce charges - you can put that money back into your business!

Increased Security

Know who is handling your confidential information so you can help prevent a security breach.

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AutoMax™ 500CL Auto Feed Shredder AutoMax™ 300CL Auto Feed Shredder AutoMax™ 200C Auto Feed Shredder AutoMax™ 130C Auto Feed Shredder
Introducing the first, full line of truly walk 

away shredders Medium Duty Surefeed Technology
Model Number 500CL 300CL 200C 130C
Usage Commercial/Shared Use Personal/Deskside
User Shared Shared Personal Personal
Additional Features Jamguard Technology Smart Lock Technology Sleepmode Feature Autoreverse Technology Silent Shred TechnologySleepmode Feature
Item Number 4655301 4655401 4653501 4680001
Sheet Capacity/Cycle 500 300 200 130
Manual Feed Sheet Capacity NA NA 10 8
Cut Type Cross-Cut Cross-Cut Cross-Cut Cross-Cut
Run Time Continuous Up to 30 Minutes Up to 12 Minutes Up to 10 Minutes
Also Shreds
Bin Capacity (gallons) 20 16 8.5 8.5
Bin Type Removable
Corrugated Bin
Corrugated Bin
Pull-Out Bin Pull-Out Bin
Warranty (Full/Cutter) 2/20 2/20 2/7 2/5