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Welcome to the new Fellowes.com. We have a new look and also lots of new features that will help you learn more, make better product choices, and find what you need faster. Here and just some of the new features:



Filter By Feature


Looking for a specific product feature? Select a feature and review all the Fellowes products with that feature. Mix and match selected features and product details. Create a comprehensive customized list of products based on the features that are important to you.

Enhanced Product Images


The new Enhanced Product Images let you see more of the product in vivid detail. See multiple angles, more dimension and product features in use. Get to know any Fellowes product better through rich, visual content.

Innovative Features


See all the innovative features of any Fellowes product and learn more about those features in one glance. Better understand the most important features Fellowes has to offer. See what new product features can benefit you.

Product Reviews


Fellowes is always open to customer feedback. Use product reviews to gain insight into all our products directly from customer experience. Read reviews from around the world, or around the block.

Social Media Channel Integration


Share your Fellowes product experiences and interactions through your own personal social media platforms. Tweet product reviews. Pass on your Fellowes product choices to your Facebook friends.

Complete Specs


Access all the specifications of any Fellowes product. Compare detailed information with other Fellowes products. Use the comprehensive data to make the best product choice.

Side by Side Compare


Trying to decide between several Fellowes products? Side By Side Compare lets you evaluate multiple related products, side by side, including specs, reviews and features. Narrow your results quickly and easily. Refine and compare, so you can make the best choice.

Demos and Tools


See our products in action with video demos. Learn more about a new product with interactive web tools. See how Fellowes products are used and how you can best use them.

Enhanced Search


Use enhanced search to find related product information instantly. Your keywords lead to a complete list with precise results including images, reviews and access to complete product data, other products you might need, and other products you might want--all based entirely on your personal input.