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Introducing Breyta™

Available products:

Laptop Stand
Monitor Stand
Laptop Carry Case
Foot Rest

Available colour options

black and copper

Redefining workspaces

Designed for people on the move

Breyta™ includes a range of products that are portable, easy to set up, easy to use and easy to store away. Enabling you to work ergonomically wherever you are. The better way to work.

Ergonomic and Fully Adjustable

Breyta™ products have been designed with comfort in mind. All products are fully adjustable to ensure that you are seated comfortably, and your screen is set to the correct height.

Breyta™ has also been tested by FIRA International Ltd to comply with the ergonomic requirements set out in the European Health and Safety Legislation: EN ISO 9241-5

Environmentally Conscious

All Breyta™ products and packaging are 100% recyclable and built to last with an extended 5-year limited warranty.
This product is 100% Recyclable in Australia and New Zealand through our take-back program. Please contact Fellowes Customer Service for more information.

Modern Design

Modern and simple design aesthetics available in black and white​ finishes.
Woman sitting at her desk adjusting her screen position
Rising Loft desk configuration

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