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Fellowes Sit-Stand Solutions

We are sitting our life away

Two hours of sitting cancels out 20 minutes of exercise 1
Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol 2
Research shows a 46% increase in workplace productivity with use of standing desks 3
You burn 30% more calories when you are standing rather than sitting 4
It is important to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day

Introducing Fellowes Sit-Stand Solutions

Fellowes® Sit-Stand Solutions combine a wealth of research and product development with our deep understanding of the office workspace to combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

Compare Sit-Stand Solutions

Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation

The Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation is the perfect solution to prolonged sitting in the office. With a design so seamless and integrated, the Lotus will naturally become your new desktop. Product No. 0009901 - white Product No. 0007901 - black

how to choose product demo assembly videos learn more - white learn more - black

LotusMonitor Arm Kit

The Monitor Arm Kit supports single and dual monitors for the Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation. Single - Product No. 8042801 Dual - Product No. 8042901

how to choose assembly videos learn more - single learn more - dual

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