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What is the Sit-Stand Movement?

At Fellowes we understand that simple ideas can change the world. That a revolution does not have to be built on complex thinking. That everyday actions, thought of in different ways, can help people to be healthier and happier.

The good news is that you don’t need to transform your business from ground up. Small incremental changes matter. That’s why we’ve started the Sit-Stand Movement that will help your employees move beyond simply working better, to feeling better. Learn what the Sit-Stand Movement is all about below.

Experts behind the movement

Stephen Bowden
Chartered Ergonomist
Morgan Maxwell

Veerle Hermans
Head of Ergonomics

Ralf Eisele
Head of Marketing

Helios Pareja
Universidad Europea

Did you know businesses across Europe lose $34.1 billion annually due to employee sickness?

Fellowes Sit-stand Solutions

The question is: how can your business prevent being part of that statistic?

Healthy employees are happy employees. But most workplaces are not equipped in a way that would promote employees’ wellbeing and help them keep active while at work, instead they tend to insist that workers are sitting down all day. Staff wellbeing programmes might offer a short-term solution but require involvement from all employees which is difficult to achieve. Yet businesses can increase employee's productivity, lower absence rates, improve company’s culture and retain the best talent by implementing a simple change within the workplace environment.

Understand how joining the movement could be good for your business

Find out more

Take wellbeing to a higher level in your workplace

Download the research paper

In this Fellowes research paper, you will learn:

  • • How today's office environment could be making your workforce ill
  • • The flaws of traditional approaches to workplace wellbeing
  • • Why adding movement in the workplace matters
  • • The changing expectations of your workforce
  • • How your business can benefit from an active workplace

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