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Keep it confidential with Fellowes
Keep it confidential with Fellowes

One small mistake could result in a hefty fine and a damaged reputation

With GDPR on its way, your organisation cannot afford to take risks with personal data and confidential information.

The multi-million pound penalties for non-compliance of the new legislation are damaging enough, but there could be even more serious consequences on your company's reputation.

In fact, when confidential material falls into the wrong hands, the damage incurred can often be irreparable. It's time to be serious about data protection.

Protect your printed information

It's not secure until it's shredded!

Every organisation has a legal responsibility to safeguard sensitive information and dispose of confidential material securely. The organisation is also responsible for any confidential material that's taken outside its premises by any of its employees. This includes both hard copy documents and anything that can be viewed on a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Despite increased awareness of identity fraud over the last few years, the crime is still growing at an alarming rate. And, because we deal with so many pieces of information on a daily basis, we're all at risk - individuals and organisations alike.

A discarded bank statement, or a snippet of payroll information or a crumpled customer proposal could be all a criminal needs to cause irreparable damage to you and your business.

Being careless is costly

• 52% of employees fail to shred sensitive information before discarding it¹

• 49% of people see confidential papers left on the printer²

• 27% of people leave private paperwork on the photocopier²

• 28% of office workers admit to leaving confidential company paperwork in pubs, cafés and restaurants³

• 23% of office workers say they’ve left private documents on a train or bus³

One Poll Research, commissioned by Fellowes 2015 | 2. Fellowes independent research, 2012 | 3. Dynamic Markets Research, commissioned by Fellowes 2013

Shredding is the best way to securely destroy confidential documents for the protection of sensitive business information and personal identities.

Discover the world's toughest shredders for commercial and personal use here.

Our online shredder selector makes it easy for you to select the right level of security for your needs.

Protect your printed information

Protect your on-screen information

Anyone who works with sensitive information on their computer or laptop is at risk from prying eyes - especially when working in open plan offices or public places.

'Shoulder Surfing,' as it has become known, is a growing form of identity theft whereby private information is viewed or even photographed over the shoulder of anyone using a screen.

Are you leaving yourself exposed?

• Nearly 75% of office workers shoulder surf their neighbours when travelling to and from work4

• 54% of office workers feel it's easy for others to view their screens5

4. European Association for Visual Data Security 2013 | 5. Loran Privacy Study, commissioned by Fellowes 2014

Work securely, everywhere you work

Now you can protect your intellectual property, simply and easily. Fellowes PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filters black out the screen from the side view to protect your privacy, while maintaining a crystal clear screen straight-on.

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Protect your on-screen information