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In the effort to expand our support of community and culture through philanthropy, Fellowes has established the GIVE program. GIVE is dedicated to building local and global partnerships which address humanity’s greatest needs. The programs’ guiding principles align with our strong values as a company and in the hearts of our people. GIVE is committed to supporting initiatives in four key areas: Social Services, World Aid and Development, Education and Cancer Research. We are honoured to work as a team in building strong communities, improving lives, and providing a better tomorrow for our world today.

Fellowes partners financially with credible organisations and projects, which are committed to bringing sustainable improvement to our four key areas of focus. Two current projects include a clean water initiative in Mozambique through World Vision, and a vocational school project in Nicaragua through Opportunity International.

All employees have an opportunity to volunteer for designated community projects (up to 16 hours of paid time per year, during normal work hours). All directors and above are expected to fulfill at least 10 hours of community service through the program each year.

Our 'Employee Choice Grant' program provides a meaningful financial gift to a selected employee for a designed charity of choice each year. The grant selection is made through a process run by an employee-led selection committee.

Each year an Executive Team member leads a trip to visit one of our global humanitarian projects. All employees are able to submit a request for participation in the trip. Three to five employees are chosen for the team each year.

Social Services

GIVE reaches out to our local communities, lending volunteer support to those in need.

World Aid & Development

GIVE sponsors causes around the world, aiding countries in need.


GIVE partners with organisations who are passionate about bringing hope, through education, to the underpriveledged.

Cancer Research

GIVE supports medical research funding in the fight against life-threatening diseases.