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Standing Up for Wellness and Workplace Efficiency

Standing Up for Wellness
and Workplace Efficiency

Lotus™ Sit-Stand Precision Engineered Features

Smooth lift technology

Smooth Lift Technology

Keep your workstation stable and change positions effortlessly with patent-pending Smooth Lift Technology™

Cord management


Experience freedom of movement through innovative cord management with rear USB ports for your keyboard and mouse

Phone charging

Phone Charging

Exclusive to the Lotus DX easy front access wireless charging pad and an integrated 2-port USB charging station

Easy set-up

Easy Setup

Arrives fully assembled, no complicated instructions, no mounting; just unpack and get started

Beautiful design

Form and Function

Innovative engineering and a modern design to integrate your workspace seamlessly

Award Winning

From the IDEA to the GOOD DESIGN® the Lotus has been earning accolades

How It Works

Move left slider up & down for an effortless product demonstration.

How it Works

Health Benefits

The Fellowes sit-stand workstation has been shown to improve posture and cognitive performance* 

Be More Productive and Get Moving

According to exercise physiologist Jack Groppel, movement and exercise, even on a minimal level, stimulate blood flow and oxygenation to the brain-a sense of feeling better which boosts productivity.

Reduce Lower Back Aches and Pains

In a recent study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stanford University researchers concluded that lower back pain may be improved through the use of sit-stand workstations.

Stop the Negative Impact Sitting Has on Your Life

Long periods of sitting slows the metabolism, which impacts the body's ability to regulate glucose, blood pressure and the ability of the body to break down fat. Active seating solutions, including the Fellowes sit-stand workstations, are useful ways to introduce movement while working in an office setting.

Four Generations of Office Innovations

A family business since 1917

When you put your name on everything you make, you make certain everything is just right. It’s been that way for four generations with the Fellowes family and why the name means something to four generations of customers.