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What You Need to Know about Confidential Shredding

Confidential Shredding for the Workplace

The use of paper shredders by most companies is based on concerns of external identity theft threats. Yet little is done to prevent the theft of sensitive documents within the workplace itself.

In fact, among companies experiencing data breaches, internal employees were responsible for 43% of data loss, half of which was intentional, and half accidental.*

Intentional security breaches are especially worrisome for companies, as disgruntled employees may turn easy access to confidential data into an act of sabotage. Also corporate spies may be in a company's employment for the very purpose of infiltrating critical information.


Paper Shredders and Un-shredded Documents

Though many workplaces are equipped with paper shredders, some with several, the activity of shredding documents often does not occur on a continuous basis. Many times, documents accumulate, a literal paper pile-up occurs when documents are left to be shredded. As a result, confidential documents lay exposed and vulnerable to security breaches, either from disgruntled employees or white hat hackers and corporate spies who can infiltrate an office as maintenance workers.

The Factors Causing the Paper Pile-Up Phenomena are Two Fold:

1. Records rooms are purged annually or semi-annually, leading to sudden and dramatic gluts of paperwork (sometimes the most confidential papers in a company) being shredded all at once, overtaxing employees.

2. Companies employ off-site shredding services and employees are instructed to deposit confidential documents in bins waiting for those services to arrive, thus leaving those documents vulnerable for significant periods of time.

Selecting Confidential Shredding Solutions

Automatic Shredder

New shredding technology options designed to combat Paper Pile-Up help prevent confidential documents from laying exposed and also improve the overall productivity when it comes to maintaining a consistent document destruction policy. With automatic shredding, the paper pile up can be managed at any time, quickly and efficiently.

Purge Protection

With regular records room purges, workers assigned to shredding these stacks of documents no longer lose a day standing in front of the paper shredder. Auto Shredding allows for hands free shredding documents so employees can get back to work on other office tasks. The AutoMax 500CL shreds 500 sheets of paper continuously, and the convenient pull out drawer allows documents to be loaded all at once. The AutoMax 300CL also provides automatic shredding for smaller paper volumes, shredding 300 sheets at one time. The SmartLock Technology feature, available on both types of automatic shredders, provides additional security by locking the drawer with each shred cycle to protect documents during the shredding process.

No Need for Off-Site Services

With auto-feed shredding, companies no longer have to wait for off-site services to arrive, leaving confidential documents vulnerable. Auto-feed or hands free shredding allows for immediate destruction of sensitive materials.

Smaller Offices Enjoy the Benefits of Confidential Shredding

Confidential shredding is not limited to large corporate offices. Small businesses can also benefit utilizing automatic shredding for hands-free performance in their offices as well. The AutoMax 200C and the 130C provide the same confidential shredding performance with automatic features, but with reduced paper loads, and at a cost that is better suited for small business.