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Shredding Away Your Home Office Clutter

When you're not sure about how important a document is, you save it. But, eventually, this leads to overwhelming piles of paper. When you're ready to declutter, a paper shredder is perfect for the job. Use these tips to put your shredder to good use for a paper purge.

Shred Paper Clutter at Home

Sort First, Shred Later

Before you turn the shredder on, figure out what to shred and not to shred as your first step. This saves you lots of time and prevents accidental shredding of important documents. Separate papers that to be filed and papers that need to be shredded. You might even have a third pile where you're not sure whether to shred it or not. For this third pile ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this document contain information that I will need later? If not, shred it.
  • Does the document contain up to date info? If not, shred it.
  • Is it worth your time to file this document? If not shred it.

Know Your Shredder Run-Time

Run time is how long your shredder can shred before it needs to cool down. When you shred a lot in one sitting, your shredder will need a cool down period. You can always give your run time an extra boost by upgrading to one of these shredders.

  1. Runs for up to 20 minutes before a cool down period is needed
  2. Runs for up to 30 minutes before a cool down period is needed

Use Shredder Bags

Turning piles of paper into shredded paper can mean a mess. Household garbage bags will not fit the bin well and end up making more of a mess. Use shredder bags instead to take control of your mess. They make emptying a lot easier and fit your shredder bin perfectly.

Other Options for Easier Shredding

Go micro-cut. If you hate emptying your shredder, consider a micro-cut. Smaller shreds mean less frequent emptying.

Go automatic. Automatic shredders for a small office make it easier to manage lots of documents. You just fill the bin, push the button and walk away.

Less clutter means you can finally get started on these important projects. Investing in a high performance shredder at home is an improvement to your personal productivity, so you can be at your best.

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