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Laminating Business Cards

Business Card Laminating

A well designed business card is an effective direct marketing tool that helps you create a good first impression of your brand. Learn how a business card laminator can help you create impressive business cards that can differentiate you from your competition. Owning a business card laminator also spares you from high print shop quotes when you need to produce cards for a new employee or generate large quantities of sleek-looking cards for a trade show.

In the digital age, business cards may seem like a thing of the past, However, statistics show that for every 2000 business cards distributed a company's sales increase by 2.5%. Business cards should continue to be part of a networking strategy, and quality in appearance is very important. In a survey by Business Cards ABC, 61% of those surveyed said they would not do business with someone with a cheap-looking card.

With this in mind, your cards need to stand out. Laminated business cards offer that distinction and quality that represents your business standards. They can not be easily bent, and the printing on the card will not wear off over time. Laminated business cards will also stick out to prospective clients because of their thicker stock and different feel.

Business Card Laminator: Quick and Easy Guide

Business Card Laminator

Step 1

Select the right size pouch for your card. Specialized business card laminating pouches come in thicknesses of 5-10 mil. Choose a thickness that feels right to you. If you prefer a thicker laminate, use a machine designed for thicker pouches, such as the Jupiter 2 125.

Step 2

Place each card in a pouch and insert sealed edge first into your laminating machine.

Step 3

Lay the finished laminated card flat on a table to cool.

Quick tip: If you are designing your business cards for the first time, use some color in the design, whether it be in the logo or font. Statistics show a card with color is kept 10X longer than a standard card.







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