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Productivity In the Workplace Survey

With workplace disruptions ranging from chatty coworkers to social media alerts and malfunctioning office equipment, it can be hard to stay productive during the day. In fact, the recent Productivity in the Workplace Survey1 conducted by Fellowes Brands found while nearly all of the office workers surveyed felt their typical day at work was at least somewhat productive, barely half (54%) described their day as very productive.

Laura Stack, aka The Productivity Pro, has tips for setting yourself, your team and your office up for a productive day and adjusting when disruptions arise, so you can make the most out of every hour at the office and get back to business.


For Yourself...


  1. Identify your peak energy periods. Keep track of your daily energy patterns and determine when it’s highest. The recent Productivity in the Workplace survey found morning is the most common time of day when people felt most productive. Hammer out some of your tough tasks during peak energy periods, when your brain functions better.
  2. Plan for the day ahead. If you have back-to-back meetings, bring materials for all of them with you to avoid running back to your desk between meetings. Instead, use that time to review notes from the previous meeting or prepare for your next one.
  3. Turn away from social distractions. It can be hard to ignore new pictures and status updates throughout the day. Limit your social media checking to your lunch hour or after work, because the less time you spend ‘checking in,’ the more time you can spend ‘checking out’ – of work.


For Your Team…


  1. Make a preventive assertion. Almost two-thirds (65%) of office workers say last-minute requests affected their productivity. Meet with your key team members one-on-one each week and review upcoming meetings, tasks, and projects to get a jump on things. asks during peak energy periods, when your brain functions better.
  2. Make sure meetings stay on point. Fifty-three percent of office workers say chatty coworkers disrupt their days. Have an agenda for any meeting and establish ground rules in advance if conversations get off track.


For Your Office…


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for something new. While computers tend to get upgraded frequently in the office, the Productivity in the Workplace Survey found equipment like paper shredders and phones aren’t replaced as often. Newer products tend to have features to help you be productive during your day.
  2. Lean on the latest generation of smart technologies. A third of office workers surveyed said trouble with office equipment took time out of their day. Avoid disruption by using technologies that do the thinking for you, like Fellowes shredders. The brand’s proprietary Jam Proof technology eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs, a true time-saving solution. And their new AutoMax line of shredders offers automatic shredding, including common stacks of paper like glossy paper and even crumpled paper, so you can walk away and focus on other priorities.


1 Results are based on 661 surveys completed by full-time office employees on behalf of the Fellowes Brands between October 15 and 21, 2014 by Versta Research, Inc. Respondents were drawn from a national research panel and completed the survey online. Assuming no sample bias, the maximum margin of sampling error is +/- 4%.


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