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Proven Performance

AeraMax Pro commercial-grade air purifiers are built to last, with high-quality components ensuring your unit is reliable, durable, and tamper-proof.


Commercial Grade Durability

Complying to international safety and regulatory standards and comprised of fire-retardant materials, you can rely on our machines. Because our air purifiers offer the ability to be mounted, they are certified to the following, higher standards: IEC 60335-1/A2: 2006 IEC 60335-2-65/A1: 2008 UL-867 With a thick casing and a double-latching system that provides durability, AeraMax Pro truly is built to last. It is also comprised of a high-efficiency motor that works together with sensors to control fan speeds. The precision fan allows for quiet yet powerful air purification.


What's more, the Touch Control Panel isn't accessible-allowing only authorised users to change settings.

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Vandal Resistant Reinforced Design

The thick walls and vandal-proof lock prevents anyone from tampering with settings and protects air filters from being removed.

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Commercial-Grade Filters

AeraMax Pro air purifiers are constructed with thicker and larger filters that offer more surface areas, allowing your air purifier to filter more efficiently as air runs through its system.

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