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A: The laminate (privacy filters) are built by many layers of louvers that darken the view from the side. The privacy filters only work in landscape.

A: There are two methods of attachment included with the PrivaScreen™ privacy filter:
Quick Reveal Tabs™ - facilitate the easy removal and reattachment of the privacy filter.
Semi-permanent Adhesive strips - can be removed if no longer required

A: PrivaScreen™ privacy filter is flexible and the anti-scratch layer is rated at a 2H hardness to prevent scratches to your screen. The anti-glare side is rated at a H hardness.

A: The product is designed to be durable, and when used and care for properly will last well past the lifetime of the screen.

A: No, in fact a PrivaScreen™ privacy filter will protect your screen from scratches and fingerprints.

A: There are many different sizes available that match most common monitor and laptop devices in the market. We have online tools available to enable finding your matching size. Visit here.

A: You can install your PrivaScreen™ privacy filter using Quick Reveal Tabs™ and easily remove the filter by using the “thumb tab”.

A: It only takes a couple of minutes to set up a PrivaScreen™ privacy filter in either of the configurations.

A: Yes, a PrivaScreen™ privacy filter will not disrupt the normal usage of your laptop.

A: Yes, a PrivaScreen™ privacy filter will work in the sunlight. We advise that you use the matte side of the privacy filter to reduce the glare from sunlight exposure.

A: The PrivaScreen™ privacy filter comes with a microfibre cloth which removes smears and fingerprints. Alternatively, a Fellowes® screen cleaner can be used.

A: No, a PrivaScreen™ privacy filter can be fixed without requiring adjustment.