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Creating Holiday Projects with Your Home Laminator

A Personal laminator is a fun way to celebrate the holidays through creative crafts. Whether you want to create your own inspired seasonal decorations or enhance your Christmas party with some original touches, a laminator for the home comes in handy and is easy to use. Make sure you have a dependable home laminator and enough laminating pouches to start your projects.

Make Lasting Impressions with Laminated Decor

Create your own Christmas decorations to show off your creativity for both indoor and outdoor designs. You also save money from store-bought decorations and enjoy your laminated creations year after year.

Create Your Own Ornaments

Get the kids involved in decorating and have them make their own ornaments.

Color Your Own Ornaments
  1. Download the free printable
  2. Let the kids color in their favorite ornaments anyway they choose
  3. Laminate the sheets
  4. Cut out the ornaments
  5. Insert an ornament hook through each laminated design and start decorating the tree

Hang Your Homemade Banner

Add seasonal touches to any room in the house with a "Deck the Halls" banner.

Christmas Banner
  1. Download the free printable
  2. Laminate
  3. Cut out each letter wedge with scissors
  4. Insert string or wire through the letter wedges and hang from any wall

Add Holiday Cheer to Outdoor Decorating

Use these printable holiday signs to enhance your outside holiday decorations.

Christmas Signs
  1. Print out the free templates which include a North Pole marker and
    a sign announcing "Santa Stop Here"
  2. Laminate the sheets
  3. Trim each item with scissors
  4. Fasten Santa's head to the top of the Santa Stop Here sign
    and attach to a wooden post for outdoor display
  5. Fasten the North Pole Signs to a wooden post using a stapler
  6. Staple the red and white candy cane strips to the post to complete the North Pole marker

Homemade Holiday Activities for the Kids

Get the kids in the Christmas spirit with games and other activities that with the durability of lamination you can bring out next year as well.

Countdown to Christmas!

Use this dry erase countdown to Christmas sign to build the excitement to Christmas Day.

Christmas magnets
  1. Print out the free template
  2. Laminate
  3. Get a sticky-back magnet from your craft store and affix to the back of the printout
  4. Use dry erase markers to count down the days!

Christmas Bingo

Keep the kids busy with Christmas Bingo.

Christmas Bingo
  1. Print out the free template
  2. Laminate
  3. Get the kids playing using dry erase markers to win stocking stuffer prizes

Christmas memory game

Kids will love this Christmas memory match game.

Christmas memory Game
  1. Print out the free template
  2. Laminate the sheets
  3. Cut out each circular playing piece
  4. Let the kids test their memory skills in the spirit of the holidays

Enjoy Holiday Entertaining with Flair

Make the most of your holiday parties with these unique entertaining projects that are easy to print and laminate.

Hand out Holiday Selfie Frames

Give your party guests holiday-themed selfie frames so they can remember the moment.

Christmas table place cards
  1. Print as many templates as needed per guest
  2. Laminate the sheets
  3. Cut out each one with scissors
  4. Hand out selfie frames before or after the party so guests can add some
    holiday fun to their selfie photos

Personalize your Holiday Table Setting

Use these distinctive table place cards to give your dinner table a touch of elegance.

Christmas table place cards
  1. Print out the table cards
  2. Label each card with a guest name
  3. Laminate
  4. Cut out each card along the white dotted lines
  5. Display at each place setting

Make Gift-Giving Personal with Customized Tags

Personalize your gifts even more with customized gift tags that are easy to make with a laminator.

holiday gift tags
  1. Print gift tag templates
  2. Fill out each tag
  3. Laminate for lasting memories

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