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Top 5 Easter Party Printables You Can Create with a Laminator

Make your Easter party fun and creative for the kids. Print these free templates and laminate to decorate your Easter party. Include ready to play Easter-themed games that are easy to make on the laminator. Here are the top five popular printables that make Easter celebrations a lot more colorful.


DIY Easter Decor

Set up the party room table with these Easter placemats. Download, print and laminate these mats to keep messes to a minimum while adding a seasonal spring accent to your celebration.


Keep the Fun Going with Easter Games

Use Easter bingo to ramp up the fun. Print, laminate and cut out the playing pieces. Hand out prizes and keep the kids engaged with this easy to make party game.

Plan an exciting scavenger hunt with clue cards and prizes to make the annual Easter egg hunt more challenging and rewarding. Laminate each card and then write in your clues after you hide the eggs. For younger kids, print out the pin the tail on the bunny game for hours of fun. Cut out and trim the bunny tail and get a blindfold to start the fun.

Esater Bingo        Scavenger Hunt        Pin the Tail on the Bunny
Download Easter Bingo Printable
       Download Easter Scavenger
Hunt Clue Cards

       Download Pin the Tail on the Bunny



Plan a Take-Home Craft Project

After the games, get the kids involved in a fun take home craft project. Use the Easter Egg Coloring Printable to let kids express their creativity with different colorful designs that they can easily erase when using a dry erase marker, then create a completely new drawing! Also consider a coloring contest for best Easter egg design.

For more free creative Easter laminating projects, visit the Idea Center. Get an early start on your Easter crafts. Warm up your laminator and make sure you have enough pouches!