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Workspace Ergonomics

Ergonomic accessories provide extra and improved support for your back, neck, shoulders and wrists - even legs and feet, enabling you to create your own personal comfort zone.

Fellowes Keyboard Managers

Keyboard Managers

Make your workstation more productive with a desk-edge keyboard manager or adjustable keyboard trays.

Fellowes Posture Managers

Posture Managers

Encourage 'active sitting' and reduce muscular strain to minimise workplace fatigue and discomfort.

Fellowes ergonomic wrist supports

Palm & Wrist Supports

Keep your hands in the correct position and minimise discomfort with Fellowes wrist supports.

Fellowes Machine Stands

Machine Stands

Elevate your desktop technology to a comfortable and accessible position.

Fellowes Fellowes SafeCut™ Guillotines are designed for high-performance, precise cuts using high-quality materials. The unique SafeCut™ Guard makes them also safe to use and easy to operate.

Monitor & Laptop Supports

Adjust your screen to a comfortable position with risers.

Fellowes Back Supports

Back Supports

Reduce back strain with added support and comfort.

Fellowes Foot Supports

Foot Supports

Improve circulation and posture by elevating your feet at work.

Fellowes Document Holders

Document Holders

Keep notes at eye level with a document holder.

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