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Fellowes paper shredders are your first line of defense against document-based identity theft. Our machines are built for durability and performance, and include innovative features to meet your paper shredding needs.

Personal Shredders - Durable and dependable paper shredders for individual users - ideal for secure shredding in home or working environments.

Personal shredders

Ideal for individual users who need reliable and powerful document shredding for sensitive and personal information.

Deskside Shredders - Fellowes deskside shredders are powerful machines for frequent shredding requirements. Ideal for both individual users and SOHO environments with up to 3 users.

Small / Home Office Shredders

Ideal for more frequent use where shredding of sensitive information may require greater run times and sheet capacities.

Commercial shredders - Large, heavy duty paper shredders designed for frequent use in a professional and commercial environment - ideal for multiple users.

Commercial shredders

Ideal for multiple shredder users, shared workspaces, printer/copier areas or any place that handles shredding of large volumes of sensitive information.

Fellowes High Security Shredders

High Security Shredders

Ideal for extremely confidential paper waste and high security shredding in specialist segments.

Fellowes Autofeed Automatic Shredders

Autofeed Shredders

Ideal for users looking for the convenience of an automatic shredder that can handle a variety of media to be shred.

Shredder supplies - Keep your cross-cut shredder running efficiently with shredder oil, and ensure easy disposal of paper waste with Fellowes waste bags.

Shredder Accessories

Keep your shredder running efficiently with our Fellowes shredder oil to lubricate the cutters, while ensuring the easy disposal of paper waste with Fellowes strong waste bags which complement your paper shredder.

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Not sure where to start? Try Our New Fellowes Shredder Selector

Not sure where to start? Try our new Shredder Selector

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