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Fellowes shredders are your first line of defense against document-based identity theft. Our machines are built for durability and performance, and include innovative features to meet your document shredding needs.

Household Shredders


When it comes to the best paper shredder for individual users at home, Fellowes offers reliable, long lasting identity theft prevention. Every home paper shredder from Fellowes delivers powerful shredding performance for all your confidential documents.

Small Office/Home Office Shredders

Small Office/Home Office

The best cross-cut shredder for any small office or home office includes powerful paper jam prevention, safety features and quiet shredder performance. See our paper shredder reviews to find the best paper shredder for frequent use in small offices and home offices.

Commercial Shredders


Large offices need heavy duty paper shredders to meet large volume document shredding with multiple users. Every Fellowes commercial shredder is engineered to deliver secure shredding for businesses that rely on large capacity shredders for identity theft protection.

Autofeed Shredders

Auto Feed

Make document shredding more productive and convenient with Fellowes automatic paper shredders. Shred paper, staples, credit cards and paper clips automatically. Improve office shredder productivity with auto feed shredders for large and small offices.

Government Approved Shredders

Government Approved

Because every government office shredder needs to be TAA compliant, Fellowes offers paper shredders to meet these strict government standards. Whether for a small or large government office, Fellowes offers strip-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders, micro-cut shredders and high security shredders that are government approved.

Shredder Accessories


Paper shredder oil is essential for any office or home shredder to maintain high performance. Be sure to oil your shredder regularly and use shredder bags to minimize shredded paper mess. Accessories are available for all Fellowes shredders.

Prevent identity theft.. Shredding for ID theft prevention

Prevent Identity Theft. Shredding for ID Theft Prevention

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