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Fellowes Secures New Patent for Automatic Shredding Technology

Fellowes has been granted a patent protecting new technology that improves the automatic paper delivery process for hands-free shredding.

CEO John Fellowes Interviewed by the Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune's Back Story on our CEO's path to joining the family business and his vision to stay relevant in the ever-changing workplace.

Fellowes Acquires Loeffs

Fellowes expands is storage category with acquisition of Loeffs Patent BV.

John Fellowes' latest interview with OPI

Maker of the Bankers Box is preparing for the workplace of the future with sit-stand desks and healthy workplace products.

James Webb

James Webb named European Marketing & International Key Accounts Director for Fellowes EU.

ESI Begins Makeover

As new acquisition of Fellowes, ESI undergoes a brand makeover.

Beth Wright Joins Fellowess

Beth Benton Wright joins Fellowes Brands as Vice President of Strategic Growth

Fellowes Takes Progressive New Wellness Direction with Sit-Stand Workstations

Fellowes branches out to produce standing workstations, allowing office-bound workers the opportunity to add more movement and flexibility to their work day. The new Lotus Sit-Stand Workstations feature germ-control finishes, multi-monitor capacity and effortless adjustment technology.

Fellowes Expands to Sit-Stand Workstations

Fellowes enters sit-stand workstation market and expands into the wellness category.

Best Shredder 2018

Fellowes receives award as best shredder for 2018.

Fellowes Italy Invests in Dealer Channel

Fellowes Italy has introduced a VIP club for its top independent office products dealer customers to try and boost sales and cement loyalty in the channel.

Fellowes Acquires ESI

Fellowes Brands has taken another major step into the workplace well-being category and is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of ESI Ergonomic Solutions.

GDPR to Drive Shredder Sales

The arrival of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents a big opportunity for shredder sales.

Fellowes Celebrates 100 Years-OPI

Fellowes celebrates its 100-year anniversary as a family business.

New Patent for Fellowes-OPI

The company has received a patent for its SmoothMove Prime moving box which feature a "no tape" quick setup design.

Posturite Partnership

Ergonomic specialist Posturite begins partnership with Fellowes Brands

In Pursuit of Excellence-OPI

Fellowes strives for new goals in the office products industry. The article reveals new directions for the business machines manufacturer

FranchiseHerald.com, "Top Best 5 Shredder for Sale 2016"

An article that outlines the five best paper shredders to ensure you purchase one that best fits your needs. The article recommends Fellowes Powershred Performance Shredder Oil to keep your shredder running at peak performance. The product received a rating of 9.5 out of 10.

JenReviews.com, "Best Office Furniture"

A blog post that recommends the best office furniture to help inspire you to be more creative and professional in the new year. The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Jam-Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is listed as the best paper shredder to purchase for your office.

Faveable.com, "6 Best Paper Shredders"

An article that discusses the growing commonality of identity and notes the best way to protect yourself against it is to shred important documents and data. The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci was selected as the best heavy duty paper shredder, receiving an overall score of 90%. People loved it because it can handle any job without paper jams and has excellent safety features with an over-sized bin for maximum storage.

HubNames.com, "Best Paper Shredder Reviews"

An article includes the five best paper shredder reviews as a guide for consumers to reference when purchasing the best shredder for their needs. The Fellowes Powershred W-11C Cross-Cut Shredder, Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder, Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder and Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Cross-Cut Paper Shredder were listed as the top four out of five reviews.

Fellowes Completes Office Move-OPI

Office supplies vendor Fellowes recently welcomed invited guests to its new UK headquarters in Doncaster.

Bestreviews.com, "Best Paper Shredders"

A recent product review lists the five best paper shredders for consumers to purchase. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci was included in the_ list and was labeled the "best of the best" out of the five. The review noted the Powershred 79Ci is "a powerful cross-cut shredder that makes short work of bulk projects. High-security shredding performance. Excellent product."

Tech.co, "The 5 Tools to Help You Go Paperless"

The article recommends the AutoMax 130C and notes it's a highly ranked shredder that does not take up a lot of space, and is good to keep around for shredding junk mail and future confidential documents.

Good Fellowes-OPI

Fellowes is standing tall today in the manufacturing community and the business supplies sector. Learn more in this in-depth article.

Bad Habit Betty-OPI

The worst habits that lead to unhealthy work practices. New ideas to maintain well-being at the workplace.

Practicaltravelgear.com Fellowes MobilePro Series Deluxe Folio and Keyboard

A positive review that highlights the Fellowes MobilePro Series Deluxe Folio and Keyboard as a standout. The articles notes that the folio can be used at a conference or when giving presentations and is fantastic for smaller settings because it means there is no need to fumble around with screens and projectors.

Scrap Your Paper Trail: Best Paper Shredder

A positive review of the Fellowes 99Ci noting that it is the best heavy duty paper shredder based on several factors such as pricing, quality, customer feedback and shredder features like paper capacity, paper jam protection, and post-shredding size.

Domino.com "The Right Way to Organize Your Home Office"

An article that features an interview with Productivity Pro Laura Stack, noting her as a "Fellowes Brand Ambassador." The article provides tips on setting up and organizing a home office, including the recommendation to shred papers with confidential information.

LATFUSA.com "Spring Shredding: The Best Way To Clean House & Old Taxes"

This article highlights the Fellowes M-12C paper shredder as an excellent tool for Tax Day and spring cleaning. The article notes the M-12C as a great at-home compact, powerful shredder well worth the investment.

Forbes.com "The Best Home Office Furniture And Supplies"

This article recommends the Fellowes 73Ci in a list of must-have office items. The shredder was noted for its quiet nature and greater volume in comparison to the AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut shredder.

Life of a Southern Mom "Fellowes PowerShred M-12C Shredder"

This blog post features the Fellowes M-12C. The review highlighted the shredder's compact size, Cross-Cut blades, and SafeSense Technology.

Mommity "Why You Should Add a Purging Party To Your Spring Cleaning List"

This post highlights why reducing paper clutter doesn't have to be a chore if you have the right tools. The post highlighted the 79Ci and its sheet capacity and run time.

LifeAnchored.com "Tips for Prepping for Tax Time"

The Fellowes M-12C shredder was highlighted in a post that included tips for how to be productive during tax time. The article mentioned numerous qualities about the shredder including its Cross-Cut blades and SafeSense technology.

Happily Ever Mom "How to Declutter When You Don't Know Where to Start"

This article discusses how to spring clean one's paper clutter. The post highlights the 79Ci shredder and describes how it increases productivity and simplifies the paper piling problem.

ShibleySmiles.com "How to Organize Your Space and Boost Productivity"

This post shares an organization and productivity infographic on Laura Stack's 5-P system.

PCMag.com "Fellowes Powershred 99Ms Micro-Cut Shredder"

This article gives a positive review of the 99Ms in addition to noting that it is a good choice for accountants, attorneys, and other professionals who need to destroy sensitive documents. Throughout the review, the AutoMax 130C was also noted for its auto-feed feature and Editors' Choice rating.

John Fellowes Interview-OPI

Fellowes CEO gives insight into the four-generation family business and their vision for the future.

The Small Business Advocate "Three CEO Roles for More Productivity"

Productivity Pro Laura Stack spoke to radio host Jim Blasingame and provided advice on how small business owners can maintain productivity while putting in long hours in the office. Laura referenced the Fellowes Productivity in the Workplace survey and explained that one third of all workers claimed to have issues with technology at some point during the day.

Happily Ever Mom "How to Declutter Paper Piles: Figure Out Your Hot Spots"

This article discusses how to control paper piles and highlights the Fellowes 79Ci as being essential to this process. The article talks about 79Ci's Patented SafeSense® Technology which automatically stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening.

TheStreet.com "10 Best Products for Organizing Your Home Office"

This article included the Fellowes 79Ci in a list of "10 brilliantly designed products" ideal for helping organize one's home office. The 79Ci was the first product listed and highlighted the shredder's 100% Jam Proof System, ability to shred up to 16 pages at once and Cross-Cut technology.

WhatTech.com "World Paper Shredder Sector 2016-2021 Industry Forecasts and Research Report Just Published"

The Global Paper Shredder Industry released an overview of the paper shredder industry, providing key statistics on the state of the industry. The report analyzed brands such as Fellowes, Shred-it, HSM, GBC Shredder, Comet, SUNWOOD, COMIX, Deli and more.

A Little Bit of Everything "How to Keep Your Identity Safe This Holiday"

This post featured the Fellowes infographic on how to avoid identity theft during the holiday season.

Exertis Distribution Announces a New Distribution Agreement

A leading distributor of technology products for the B2B, mobile and retail markets, has today announced a new distribution agreement with Fellowes.