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Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services

Fellowes understands that each indoor environment is a complex ecosystem effected by factors such as heating, cooling and ventilation systems, building construction, and age as well as factors outside of the building's envelope such as geographic region, contaminants and more. Fellowes offers comprehensive assessments to help you determine the IAQ levels for your facility so you can take action where needed. See below to determine which is the proper approach for you.

Complimentary IAQ Assessment

Fellowes Complimentary indoor air quality assessment includes placement of our Signal IAQ monitoring device in key areas you'd like to review.

Each Signal will track the area's overall air quality over a designated period including the following metrics:

  • PM2.5/PM10
  • TVOCs
  • CO2
  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air Pressure
Once the assessment is complete, Fellowes provides you with IAQ data along with recommendations for possible remediation improvements.

This service is offered by Fellowes at no charge.

Enhanced IAQ Assessment

Fellowes Enhanced indoor air quality assessment includes a combination of field and lab assays to report on the biological conditions and performance of the selected areas of the building. Specialists will conduct specific tests including photo documentation. Air and surface samples will be collected for bacteria, mold, and particulates. Temperature, relative humidity and wall moisture is also measured and logged. Comprehensive evaluation of your indoor environment will be based upon HVAC zones. We then report on the biological conditions and performance of a building.

The Enhanced IAQ Assessment is customizable to meet your specific air and building concerns and can include:

  • Mold assessments
  • Allergen & dust screening
  • Contaminant source & risk assessments
  • Wall & floor moisture testing
  • Temperature & humidity logging
  • Infrared thermography (optional add-on)
  • Test & balance reporting (optional add-on)
Once the data of a focused Building Health Check is compiled and analyzed a detailed report outlines the conditions of the building's selected areas and offers remedial recommendations, should above baseline IAQ issues be found.

Pricing for the Enhanced IAQ Assessment will be presented once an initial intake is completed to determine depth of the assessment.