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A clean, modern look, on a lighter scale.

Trig offers modular solutions for the way people work today. Trig integrates seamlessly with other Systems and Movable Walls for a complete solution with a unified aesthetic.
Desks, tables, storage—choose among dozens of components in an array of shapes and sizes
Create open workstations, private offices, touchdown spaces—Trig is easy to configure
Clean, contemporary style evokes residential feel
Multiple color and trim options
Power and data access options above or below the worksurface
Integrates with all Freestanding and Systems products for even greater versatility
Trig with Raceway delivers full power and data access, including a new surface access Power Grommet
Trig with Raceway can also be retrofitted onto your preexisting Trig products

Unique Design. Simple Profile.

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Variations and Options

Trig Rectangluar Top
Trig Wedge Top
Trig Primary Curved Top
Trig Secondary Curved Top
Trig Blade Top
Choose Desks and Work Surfaces from an array of shapes to easily plan the configuration that fills your requirements and fits your space.

Mod2 Pull
Mod Pull
Classic Pull
Streamline Pull
Designer Pull
Choose from five Pull options for Trig storage components

Modesty Panel
Screen Modesty Combination
Top Mounted Screen

Fabric screens are a fabric covered divider that provides both a tackable surface and sound absorption qualities. Since they are fabric covered, the color and pattern options are almost limitless to assure the perfect complement to the furniture, along with the surrounding floor and ceiling. The screens can be attached to the top of a surface providing up to 19” of privacy. Or they can be attached to the front of a desk/table to provide a screen and modesty in one.

Pop-Up Access Module
Pop-Up Access Module
Power Raceway
Electrical Grommet

Idea StartersTrig Desking is a fully integrated line of laminate freestanding components including desks, credenzas, tables and laminate storage.