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Make Your Own Custom Laminated Luggage Tags

Laminating your own luggage tags lets you create the ideal form of luggage identification for any trip. You can include specific hotel details for leisure trips if your bags get lost on a vacation. Laminate a tag with your corporate office address and phone number for business trips so your luggage can be returned safely.

Why laminate your own luggage tags?

  1. Laminated luggage tags last longer. So no matter how many trips you take for business or pleasure, your laminated luggage tags will hold up.
  2. Laminated luggage tags are also customizable. Create your own look! Bright and bold tags make it easier to spot your luggage on the airport carousal.

What you need?

  1. A Personal Laminator
  2. Luggage Tag Laminating Pouches
  3. Plastic Luggage Straps

Step 1

Download your free luggage tag laminating printable

Luggage tag printable

Step 2

Cut out your favorite design and fill in the necessary information including name and address.

Step 3

Slide the printable into your luggage tag laminating pouch. Make sure you align the punch mark on the printable with the slot on the pouch. Option: fill out two identical cards and place them back to back inside the pouch to create a two-sided tag.

Luggage tag laminating

Step 4

Insert the luggage tag pouch through your personal laminator

Step 5

Punch out the paper through the slot to make an opening

Step 6

Attach the plastic luggage strap to the tag and then to the handle of your bag.

Luggage tag laminating

Luggage Tag Hack for Business Travelers

Laminate your business card. Punch a hole through one end and use that as your luggage tag.

Make Tags for Backpacks Too!

Use the same steps to create tags for your child's backpacks. For bigger, bolder tags try index size laminating pouches. Kids can also jazz up their own with their favorite colors and designs. A great way to keep backpacks identifiable at school, summer camp or sleepovers.

Luggage tags for backpacks


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