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Introducing Elea™

Sit Comfortably.

Move Naturally.

Be Well.

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Elea™, The Chair That Moves You

Be comfortable and stable

Be Comfortable and Stable

Move while sitting

Stay Energized

Feel better while working

Feel Better While Working

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

0% APR Financing

0% APR Financing

It Will Move You, Literally

Introducing our patent-pending Omni-Kinetic Suspension Technology™ which inherently moves with your body – allowing for a more active work day.

Synchronized Stability

Industrial-grade alloy steel rods and our cast aluminum frame work together to form a unique load-bearing system, which allows free-movement within a strong construction.

Built for the long haul

A revolutionary designed curved chassis provides the support and comfort needed to carry you through your day for years to come.


Every line and curve is both aesthetically distinctive and pleasing as the materials themselves.

Increased Mind and Body Well-Being


More Movement Leaves You Feeling Better Throughout the Day


Contoured Design Supports Natural Spinal Alignment and Lumbar Position


Customized Adjustments for Reduced Leg and Neck Pressure

Made to Move

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Move in Every Space

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