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Multi-Monitor Workstations: A Smart Productivity Choice

In research conducted by the Software Usability Research Laboratory of Wichita State University, computers with dual monitor setups were tested against single monitor setups with amazing results. The researchers discovered increases in the speed of performance and increases in accuracy with the two monitor configurations. And overall, the test subjects were simply a lot happier working with two monitors.

Multi Monitor Workstations

How Dual Monitor Arms Performed Over Single Monitor Setups

In terms of speed of performance, dual monitors increased efficiency by two minutes per task over single monitors.

Single vs Multiple Monitors

The research also showed that information was twice as easy to find using dual monitors.

Multiple Monitors Financial Savings

How does this productivity translate into financial savings?

Researchers broke out the potential savings by number of employees and by monitor configuration. For example, moving from a single 17-inch screen to a setup of dual 19-inch monitors adds a productivity boost that translates to 56 extra days of work per employee per year, or approximately $1.5 million in cost savings per year for a company of 250 employees.

Selecting Monitor Arms for a Multi-Monitor Setup

To start a multiple monitor configuration, you need to pick out monitor arms that will make your setup perform at its best. Look for these features.


Monitor arms with dynamic flexibility make precise adjustments for highly customized setups. They also make sharing your monitor with others easy, adding collaboration to the list of benefits. Look for tilt and elevation adjustment capabilities to achieve the most dynamic range. After all, your monitor arms should adjust to you, not you to them!

Easy to Mount

Look for monitor arms that meet VESA standards. VESA is the standard for the position of the four mounting holes on the back of your display. Without a definitive VESA size, you may end up purchasing a mount that doesn't fit your screen. This feature will take the headache out of installation.

Weight Support

Make sure the monitor arm you select can handle the weight of typical 17-20 pound flat screens. The best monitor arms should always clearly define their weight capacity.

More Than Two Monitors

If you're looking for a setup that requires three monitors, you'll need triple monitor arms specially for that purpose.


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