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AutoMax™ 500C Auto Feed Shredder

  • Features Fellowes® SureFeed Technology™ that allows for a truly walk away shredding experience
  • Continuously shreds 500 sheets into 5/32” x 1-1/2” cross-cut particles (Security Level P-4)
  • JamGuard System™ prevents shredding interruptions for jam free operation
  • SmartLock™ engages with each shred cycle to protect confidential information
  • SilentShred™ offers ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces
  • Energy saving Sleep Mode feature shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Innovative touch screen technology with back-lit LEDs
  • Convenient pull-out drawer for front loading of materials to be shred
  • 3 Start Delay options for starting shred jobs even after the work day
  • Versatile, flat top for easy office integration and additional storage space
  • 20 gallon removable corrugate bin
  • For 3-5 users




Model Number500C
Item Number4652001
Sheet Capacity500
Cut TypeCross-Cut
Cut Size (inches)5/32" x 1-1/2"
DIN Level - PaperP-4
Speed (Feet Per Minute)8
Maximum Run Time (minutes)Continuous
Recommended Number Of Users3-5
Paper Entry Width (inches)9
Jam Prevention FeaturesJamGuard System™
Safety FeaturesSmartLock™, Touch Screen
Noise FeaturesSilentShred™
Energy Efficient FeaturesSleep Mode
Can ShredStaples, Credit Cards, Paper Clips, CDs/DVDs, Junkmail
Bin Capacity (gallons)20
Warranty2 Yr Machine / 20 Yr Cutter
UPC Code043859664337
Item H x W x D (inches)35.88 x 16.94 x 27.06
Material TypePlastic
Feed TypeSureFeed Technology™


SureFeed Technology

SureFeed Technology™

Provides automatic shredding for maximum productivity.

Sleep Mode Icon.png

Sleep Mode

Energy saving feature shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity

SilentShred Icon.png


Offers ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces

Smart Lock


Engages with each shred cycle to protect confidential information

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

JamGuard System

JamGuard System™

Prevents shredding interruptions for jam free operation


AutoMax™ 500C Auto Feed Shredder 3.7 5 2 3
Jams Constantly We are a small office that requires a lot of shredding. I did not consider a shredding service because I thought this shredder would be good enough to spend an hour or 2 a week with. This is not the case - it jams constantly and I am always fixing it. I did research, I do the maintenance (it is only 7 months old!) and still it fails. It's fussy, doesn't like torn A3 or A5 paper (haven't tried a credit card or CD but can't imagine this being hitch-free if it can't even handle small pieces of paper). The piles of paper need to be neat, documents will need to be separated (it can handle 2-4 pages stapled together). I actually rever to using our old manual feeder on days that this shredder simple jams on every 5th page for no reason whatsoever. Very disappointing and will be looking to upgrade to a more heavy duty machine. October 13, 2014
Needs to be Babied I am the receptionist at a Law Firm, we were in need of a new shredder and after some research we decided to go with the 500c. And being able to walk away and get other things done instead of standing in front of the shredder feeding it paper is wonderful. Don't we all love when we can multi task? I will say that you need to designate one person in charge of the shredder and that they will need to baby it a little in order for it to run correctly with little problems. It is not fond of irregular size paper, so you will need to organize the paper before putting it in the bin. The organization of the paper will also consist of grouping legal size together and letter size together. Irregular sized go between chunks of letter or legal, cds, ids, etc should also be placed between letter or legal. Make sure the pages stapled together are not stapled in large quantities. These will need to be pulled apart. The shredder gets confused, pulls too many pages and jams if the organization process is skipped. If more than one person is using the shredder, it is more likely to jam being not everyone will organize their pages. It would also be better if the bin to put the paper in was longer so that the legal sized paper could lay down flat. It need to curve toward the door now, so it doesn't go past the max line and confuse the shredder and jam. When it does jam, it locks you out of the bin so you can not open it to help release the jam. It just keeps going and going. Under the bin in a little hole is a silver button that will release the lock. The box that all the paper after it is shredder goes into is a great size. It is a rectangle, so the only bags you can use are the clear fellowes bags that go with it, these have bread ties, not pull handles. Also the corners of the box tend to tear the bag now and then. Behind the box a line of shredded paper begins to build up, the door will not close until this is cleaned out. The box needs to be taken out and placed aside and then you can either dig it out with your hands or sweep it out. Keep a broom by the shredder because you will need it. You will also need to push the shredded paper down twice during the duration of a full bin of paper. I would love to see a handle invented on a shredder that you pull land it compacts all the paper down to continue shredding. Pushing it down with my hands tends to dry out my hands. I keep lotion at my desk for this reason alone. Also, we purchased this shredder in April and by June we had to have service on it. Because if you pull the bin out too far, two rubber caution things fall down and do not let you close the door until you push them back up. Someone in our office actually got it to close with them still down and one of them got wrapped around the bar and would not shred, which is why we call service on it. That is why it is best to designate one person to the shredder and have a shred box near that everyone else can put their paper in. I still recommend this shredder because any other shredder, I would not have been able to shred as much paper as I just did while writing this review. Hope it helps! June 23, 2014
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