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Steps for your house move

How to choose the right boxes for your house move.

Even if you’re facing a home filled with years of belongings, you can reduce the stress of a house move by getting your packing right.

Around 2.4 million UK households move each year and half of these choose to pack and move by themselves. The ones who plan ahead and work out their needs will usually find their moving experience a much easier and happier one.

Choosing and using the right boxes is one clear way to make your house move simpler. Not only will it speed things along and save time and energy but also help you sort out your possessions more easily at your new house.

Why corrugated cardboard packing boxes?



Moving boxes are usually stronger than typical cardboard boxes. All BANKERS BOX® removal boxes are made from double thickness corrugated board which makes them much stronger than standard packing boxes.

Space saving

Space saving

Corrugated cardboard boxes are supplied in flat pack form which ensures that they take up minimal space until they are needed. Once filled, they can be safely stacked several boxes high, depending on each box type. Some can be flattened down to flat pack again after use for easy storage.

Ease of use

Ease of use

SmoothMove™ Prime moving boxes offer quick assembly features making them easy to construct. Many are designed to allow quick access to contents and have reinforced handles to make them easier to carry.



BANKERS BOX® removal boxes are made from recycled product, are recyclable and they have FSC® certification, which means they’re sourced from responsibly managed forests. This makes them an eco-friendlier choice.


Whether your budget, your comfort or saving time is most important to you, there is a packing box solution.

Basic boxes usually require tape to be used at the bottom and top, while manual removal boxes and SmoothMove™ Prime boxes do not need tape, which removes some of the hassle of moving.

SmoothMove™ moving boxes have the FastFold® feature, which is an automatic assembly base that makes them easy to put together. They also have the added benefit of reinforced hand holes when the lock-in lid is closed, and they can be easily flattened again for storage.

Steps for your house move.

If you’re planning a house move in the coming months, here are six ways to box clever with your packing:

1. Declutter

Make sure you only take what you need by selling, donating or recycling items you no longer want several months before your move. It may feel like an extra job, but by clearing out any unwanted items you’ll be able to calculate the right number of packing boxes and know you’re only taking possessions you want to your new home. Not doing this may lead to your loft or spare room playing host to several boxes that you may never unpack.

2. Categorise by room

Starting a few months ahead of time, look at everything you are planning to pack, by room, and then assign every item to one of the following three categories: small and heavy, midweight, or larger lightweight. By establishing how many items you have in each category, it will be easier to work out how many small, medium and large boxes to order for each room.

3. Think small

It’s easy to underestimate how many small, heavy items there are in a house, from books and toys to small kitchen items. Small boxes, which usually measure in the region of 305 x 305 x 405 mm, should be used for these, and you’re likely to need several small boxes for every room. Take care not to exceed a weight of 20kg for each box, as this is the most that one person can safely lift.

4. In the middle

For mid-weight items such as clothing you will need medium boxes. These measure approximately 405 x 405 x 460 mm.

5. Go large

Big boxes, which are approximately 460 x 460 x 610 mm, are designed for lightweight bulky items such as bedding and towels. These boxes should not be packed with heavy items, and each should weigh no more than 20kg when filled.

6. First day box

Don’t forget an essentials box for the first day or night in your new home. There are quite a few things you may need when you arrive that should be packed in a marked box. These items could include a kettle, cups, tea, coffee, snacks, washing up liquid, dish cloth, dust cloths, loo paper, soap, shampoo, shower gel, towels, nightwear and a change of clothes for each person.



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