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Beautiful. From floor to ceiling.

Design Elegance

Volo imparts an upscale ambience and complements any architectural setting with an improved aesthetic and low-profile elements.

Design Details
  • Low profile framing components
  • 2,2,2 aluminum sliding door
  • Minimal adaptor to drywall
  • Consistent flow and details
Frameless adapter to ceiling
2,2,2 aluminum sliding door
Integrated Solutions
Volo Frameless fully integrates with Volo’s already expansive
range of aesthetic and functional design options.
  • Frameless corner
  • Smooth transition to drywall
  • Attaches to any surface
  • Vertical adapter to the door jamb
  • Utilizes Volo doors
  • Works with existing Volo


The clean lines of Volo give a full glass storefront aesthetic. Using a minimal kit of parts that can be ordered as a package, all components work effortlessly with Volo Framed options.

Frameless Components
A simple kit of parts for Volo Frameless includes:
  • Ceiling runner
  • Floor runner (2-part)
  • Vertical adapter (attaches to drywall, Volo post, or door section)
  • Glass inserts available in 1/2 (up to 10’) or 3/8 thickness (up to 9’ and 2-panel max)
  • Glazing options include: Clear, Frost, Low Iron, Clear Laminated
Frameless Ceiling Runner
Frameless Floor Runner
Frameless Vertical Adapter for Drywall
Frameless Vertical Adapter for Volo

Variations and Options

  • Flush Wood Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Full Lite Wood Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Aluminum Framed Swing and Sliding Doors
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Doors
  • Double Sliding Doors in Aluminum and Wood match the Single Door Option
Volo Wood Flush Door
Volo Wood Full Lite Door
Volo Aluminum Framed Door
Volo Frameless Glass Sliding Door
Volo Wood Flush Double Sliding Door
Volo Framed HPL Wood Double Sliding Door
Volo Aluminum Framed Double Sliding Door
Volo Framed Veneer Wood Double Sliding Door
Volo Wood Flush Veneer Double Sliding Door
Volo Aluminum Framed Double Sliding Door

  • Choose among four styles of door hardware
  • Sliding Door: 18” & 36” Post Pulls and 72” Ladder Pulls
  • Swing Door: Lever Set
  • Locking and non-locking options available
Lever Lockset
18" Post Pull
36" Post Pull
72" Ladder Pull

  • Insert Tiles reveal structural frame elements for a contemporary look
  • Outsert Tiles protrude slightly from the frame, creating a subtle reveal
  • Mix or match up to seven tiles on each side of the panel—Inserts, Outserts or both
  • Tackable, Laminate, Veneer, Glazed, Glass Marker Board and colorful Back Painted Glass
Outsert Tile
Fabric | Laminate Insert Tile
Back Painted Glass
Framed Monolithic Glass
Laminate | Marker Board
Clerestory with Tiles
Monolithic Vinyl Panel

  • Two Ceiling styles, Traditional and Reveal
  • Four Base options: Aluminum, 4″ Vinyl and 6″ Vinyl
Volo Traditional Ceiling Runner
Volo Reveal Ceiling Runner
Volo Aluminum Base
Volo 4" Vinyl Base
Volo 6" Vinyl Base
Volo Electrical 6 Inch Base

Idea StartersPersonalization has never been so easy and movable walls have never performed so well.