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Keyguard Program

Thank you for purchasing a Fellowes Custom Keyguard Kit! By filling out this form, your order will be entered. If you wish to mail or fax your order, use the form included in your kit.

You must submit one form for each cover requested. Each form is numbered and is for only one cover. Enter the certificate number located on the order form included in the Custom Keyguard Kit(s) you purchased for each cover you are ordering.

Please complete the questions to the best of your ability. Do not be concerned if you cannot locate an FCC I.D. number. Include your daytime phone number and we will contact you with any questions about your keyboard.

Please allow 2-3 weeks after we receive your order for delivery.

For help with this form, please call 800-896-4224 or email info@keyboardskins.com.

The keyboard information is found on the bottom side of your keyboard nameplate. The keyboard manufacturer name is not necessarily the name of the computer maker.

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